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In a stylish kitchen, no piece is randomly placed. Franke is aware of that, and for that reason, its sinks have a stellar position in the harmony that interior designers and architects create in this space.

So, a sink that fits into what the trends dictate must: be made of a material that is both beautiful and resistant, have a design suited for the style of the kitchen, be able to adapt to the use that is given and finally be easy to place. Luckily, the sinks made by Franke have all these features, which puts them at the top of the category in this regard.

However, the brand -which has a broad catalog with designs capable of adapting to any kitchen concept- has made a lot of emphasis on the introduction of innovative materials to the creation of sinks. This certainly aims to add style and distinction to what used to be one of the most overlooked components of the kitchen.

The palette of materials used by Franke

The charm of steel. Stainless-steel is a classic when it comes to the manufacture of sinks. In fact, the brand has worked with this noble material for more than a century, which explains why it’s the raw material for many of its creations.

Hygienic, easy to clean and simple, stainless-steel is by far the favorite material of great chefs. It’s no coincidence that its use is favored in professional kitchens. However, Franke’s stainless-steel has very special characteristics. It has a particularly high content of nickel and chromium, which makes it highly resistant to both heat and cold.

The stainless-steel made by Franke also includes 70% recycled materials that put the brand in tune with the world’s trends in this sense, while it allows it to offer high-quality sinks that only need to be cleaned on the surface with a cloth dampened in soapy water to look again like new.


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The discreet elegance of granite. Durable and antibacterial, granite went from being on the floors and countertops to the sinks. Always betting on innovation, Franke incorporated this material into its catalog, scoring many points with interior designers. The fact is that granite is not only one of the hardest-textured materials in the world, but it is also one of the most attractive ones.

The granite of the sinks made by Franke is elegant, beautiful and simple. In the processing of this granite material, the brand added a subtle luster that makes it warm to the touch and attractive to the eye. The secret? It’s composed of 80% quartz sand and 20% of a very hard acrylic resin. This provides the sink with a non-porous textured surface that guarantees a high level of hygiene, in addition to a long useful life.


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The expressiveness of the Fireclay. Franke also bets on this material. Each Fireclay sink is a handcrafted piece. Fireclay is a liquid ceramic, composed of quartz, Chinese clay, and kaolin, which is injected into a high-pressure mold. 20 hours in the oven at 2200 °F are required for the final sealing, a process that results in an extremely hard material, that is resistant to scratches, heat, acids, and bleaches. Then, a dirt-repellent finish enamel is applied, which means that any stain or stains from red wine or tea can be cleaned simply with a little soapy water.

These sinks are subject to rigorous controls to ensure they comply with the usual quality of the products from the brand.

The practicality of Tectonite. Tectonite is an exclusive material made by Franke and represents a breakthrough in terms of the incorporation of synthetic materials into the kitchen. Uniquely textured and with an appearance that is strikingly similar to granite, the sinks made of this material are the hottest trend right now.

This 100% recyclable material offers designers, architects, and end-users a wide range of designs and colors that will add a chic touch to any kitchen. But that isn’t all. Tectonite is heat resistant (up to 300 °C), light in weight, and immune to impacts and blows, so it stands above other similar materials.

So, Franke knew how to make the sink the main character, now it’s up to you to decide what material you would choose to dress up your kitchen sink.


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