Self-cleaning ovens: a new miracle in the kitchen


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Wonders are cooked at home every day, and tasting those delicious bites reminds us of the pleasures of life. However, all the magic ends when, at the end of the day, we must get to work on the cleaning of appliances. For this reason, many brands dedicated to kitchen appliances have heard our prayers and made a miracle: self-cleaning ovens! So that we only have to deal with how much yeast we should put in the bread dough.


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The penance. The oven is the heart of the kitchen. Making bread or a birthday cake is inconceivable without a good oven. However, we often excuse ourselves of these delights when thinking about abrasive products that are harsh on our hands; items such as those rough sponges that fat adheres to and which frequently can’t be reused. Perhaps that’s why Thermador, knowing what a high-end kitchen needs, decided to end the penance of those fat films impossible to eliminate, including in the MES301HS oven –a steam and convection model from the Masterpiece™ series- a Steam cleaner function that helps keep it immaculate after use.

Redemption. Bosch, always up-to-date in technological innovations in the kitchen, also introduced a self-cleaning function in their ovens. An example is the built-in 30″ 800 Series (HBL8451UC) featuring the EcoClean™ option, a 2-hour self-cleaning cycle that eliminates the annoying process of disassembling, scouring, and undoing the plates and walls of the oven after preparing food.

The miracle. Gaggenau also includes self-cleaning programs in its ovens. One of the most surprising is the one in the combination steam oven models of the 400 series. This innovation lies in a fully automatic program that includes decalcification and drying programs. Your oven will not only be spotless but also dry, just as if it had never been used.

The use of this type of technology in different brands in the market points to a more ecological conscience of manufacture every day: not only reducing the time that is dedicated to cleaning and the work that this means, but also eliminating the use of abrasive and non-environmentally friendly harsh detergents. In addition, the residual odors disappear guaranteeing the maintenance of the Teflon surfaces of the trays.

And if the miracle of self-cleaning was not enough, many manufacturers have provided their ovens with clear screens, touch controls, comfortable handles, removable glass fronts for easy cleaning, and a dynamic cooking system (DTC) that allows you to cook three types of dishes at the same time without the smell or flavors of one impregnating the others. Our prayers were heard and we just have to celebrate and keep on baking.


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