Preserving wine at home? The T24UW900LP wine reserve is the answer


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Wine is a broth that has always brought us closer to the gods, which is why its preservation is an issue where very few appliances, like the wine reserve T24UW900LP by Thermador, offer an answer that is more than satisfactory. And while wine culture has spread greatly in recent decades, we are still not aware of its chemical essence, the one that turns the preservation of the perfumes and flavors of wine at home into an art.

According to the experts in this field, the main mistake that is made with regard to wine is to treat it as if it was a lifeless body. Wine is life in a bottle, and therefore has a whole preservation process that must be respected almost verbatim.


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Why a wine reserve isn’t the same as a refrigerator?

A refrigerator is a device that usually has a system with even cold temperature. That is, everything that is introduced into it is kept at the same stable temperature. A wine reserve, on the other hand, is an air-conditioned cabinet that -unlike conventional refrigerators- keeps the wines it contains in optimal storage conditions.

But you may be wondering, why you shouldn’t store wine in the refrigerator if wine needs refrigeration? Well, although it may sound strange, excessive cold and sudden temperature changes are the worst enemies of ALL (yes, all) wines. Reds, whites or rosés see their delicious virtues die in the face of the extreme cold of the dry 4ºC of your  refrigerator.

For that precise reason, a wine reserve such as the undercounter  T24UW900LP by Thermador, is the perfect ally to keep wine away from your refrigerator. This appliance that offers a double rack for storage will allow you to keep your wine at the ideal temperature since it comes with adjustable temperature zones.


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Why a bottle rack doesn’t compare to a wine reserve?

A classic in the kitchen is to have a bottle rack. Indeed, bottle racks certainly add personality to this area, but in the case of having them near the fire of the kitchen, it represents exposing your precious wine to self-destruction. Besides, it’s also assumed that the bottled broth must rest at such inclination that allows the cork to remain moist, but having it too close to heat, dryness, light, and smells will kill it to say the least.

So, a bottle rack is aesthetically beautiful, but not recommended if you want to keep your wines in perfect condition.

The case is that wine must be kept in a dark, cool, ventilated and humid place that is also free of odors that can contaminate the cork and penetrate into the bottle. That’s why a wine reserve like the undercounter model T24UW900LP by Thermador  will not only allow you to have them on hand in the kitchen, but also guarantee that you can  meet those requirements.

This wine reserve has full extension bottle racks which, along with its UV-resistant tempered glass door and LED theatre lighting,  guarantee that your wines will be almost in a safe box custom-made to preserve their precious organoleptic properties. In addition, all of the above will also protect your wines from being exposed to dryness, or air that  contaminates them with bacteria and fungi.

With SoftClose® hinges for an ultra-smooth door closure, and Star K certified sabbatical programming system, this Thermador wine reserve is the best wine cellar you can have to preserve your wines at home.


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