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Technology has reached every possible area, even the kitchen, and PLUM wine dispensers are proof of that. This appliance that came to change how this drink is served at home also aims to end the old dilemma of having to open a bottle when you only want to have a single glass.


This appliance or rather this wine dispenser fulfills two basic functions evident to those with knowledge of the subject. The first is to serve the right amount, and the second to keep the wine at the appropriate temperature after opening the bottle.


In the mind of its creator David Koretz -who aside from being a wine lover is a technology expert- the device had to consider these very important variables to be useful at home and meet the very specific needs of the most demanding.


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A sommelier and a wine cellar in the same appliance

PLUM – which was designed as an appliance to be placed on the countertop and now can also be integrated- has two ingenious systems that combine the knowledge of a sommelier and the climate of a winery into the same device.


Thus, this device has an automatic system that controls temperature and prevents oxygen exposure during storage, which is very important, so the wine doesn’t lose its organoleptic properties. The other system consists of an internal chamber that uses patented technology to scan the label of the bottle inserted to identify the harvest, variety, region, cellar, and ideal conditions to serve a particular wine. So, you’ll be able to enjoy all that information since the device has a 7-inch IPS HD touch screen.


This screen also serves as a window to temperature settings. This will allow you, for example, to set fractions of degrees per type of wine: 54oF for a Chardonnay, or 65oF for a Cabernet Sauvignon.


With all this information at your disposal, PLUM keeps the bottle in the right climate and alerts the user once the maximum drinking temperature is reached, so the user pushes a button that will activate the needle system that will pierce the traditional cork or a metal screw cap and depressurize the bottle, so the divine beverage falls into the glass in the exact amount.


Last, but not least, another dilemma that PLUM has settled is having to choose between red or white wine. You won’t have to choose anymore. You’ll be able to open both bottles and enjoy one or the other, whenever you want, because the appliance allows the storage of two 750 ml bottles, and each has its pour nozzle.


As if that wasn’t enough, the appliance keeps the wine in perfect condition for up to 90 days and ensures that every drop consumed from them will be happily enjoyed because it’ll protect both bottles.


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Adapted to your kitchen

Designed based on current kitchen aesthetic standards, PLUM looks as good as it works. The countertop version of this appliance consists of a brushed stainless-steel case (Aesthetic Plum) that adds a timeless appearance, which can fit perfectly with other appliances located around it.


PLUM is 15″ wide, 17″ tall, 20.5″ deep and weighs 65 pounds. This means that it is compact enough to fit on standard kitchen countertops without getting in the way.


On the other hand, the integrated version of the appliance has a standard size of 24″ and works for recessed installation. And considering different design styles, PLUM is available in black and stainless-steel finishes.


So, indulge in becoming a wine expert, serving wine at home just as a sommelier does with the help of PLUM.


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