PITT Cooking brings the volcanic flames of Enep into the kitchen


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Every cook is unique, and PITT Cooking is aware of that. This brand dedicated to preserving the flames has brought into the kitchen style and volcanic power when it comes to cooking with gas.


PITT Cooking is one of the most sought-after burner manufacturers by designers and architects to create custom hobs. The case is that cooking with gas and having style can go hand in hand, and in this sense, this brand is ahead of the game.


So, you no longer have to dream about a quartz countertop with burners arranged in special spaces so that your pots and pans don’t clash among themselves. Now that’s a reality because this Dutch brand thinks outside the box in terms of the traditional gas hob, to give you what you need: space, style, comfort and above all, safety.


The Enep fire in your kitchen


The Enep model (named after the powerful volcano of the Vanuatu archipelago) like the other burners of the brand (see PITT Cooking brings volcanic design and power into your kitchen), meets the official quality standards for the certification of gas appliances (KIWA Gastec Official Certification). This certification guarantees users that the burners meet the highest standards of quality, operation, and safety.


The Enep system is perhaps the best proof that PITT knows how to master iron so that the blue flame of the gas fire is safely in your kitchen. With a classic, robust, and contemporary design, this model is integrated with 5 burners of different power levels that, aside from the possibility to be arranged as you please on the countertop, are also very useful to cook special dishes.


Furthermore, the Enep burners are the type of burner that any chef would like in its kitchen, as they adapt to all kinds of cooking techniques (sauté, boil, or simmer). Additionally, PITT assures you that you’ll have on your countertop a hob that’ll offer you 30% more power compared to traditional ones.


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Breaking down boundaries

Certainly, cleaning is one of the great fears people face when they have to decide between integrated burners or gas hobs. In this case, you can’t forget about that issue. The Enep model by Pitt guarantees cooking areas that can be cleaned quickly and easily. So, having fewer concerns in your mind will give you full permission to indulge in your creativity to cook as you please, because afterwards, you’ll be able to clean everything up in no time.


Now, you may be wondering which countertop is ideal for this type of appliance. You’ll love the answer: everything that’s trendy. That is quartz composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, Corian®, LG Hi-Macs® and stainless-steel.


Choose the countertop you want because the Enep model will fit perfectly in all of them. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose if you want to place your burner controls on the countertop.


As you can see, being able to handle the flames of a volcano at will is no longer a science fiction thing. Now you can have that power in your kitchen with the freedom of a burner system that allows you to cook like you always dreamed of.


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