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When we receive guests at home and, especially in the kitchen, having a BarStation is important and that’s why The Galley thought of a solution that would help you with this issue. We know how essential it is to have a wide variety of drinks and glasses of different sizes and shapes, but what’s even more important is having a system that allows you to serve your guests and enjoy at the same time.


Manufactured in a single piece of the highest quality stainless steel with TrueEdge design, the Ideal BarStation® 2 by The Galley, is a system that gives your home gatherings a space dedicated exclusively for the distribution and preparation of drinks. This workstation that satisfies the requirements of professional bartenders, is as versatile as you like it to be since it includes accessories, which are another solution offered by the brand.


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Whether you’re having a beer or an afternoon cocktail, the Ideal BarStation® 2 by The Galley will be ready to help you. This galley for 1 user, has a basic system with tiers that slide above and below, which will allow you to work in two levels.


This galley can match the design of your kitchen to perfection as the boards and finishes of this workstation offer you the possibility to choose between classic black, contemporary white, bamboo or sober gray. Graphite wood composite, natural bamboo wood and resin are the materials that accompany this system that’s mainly made of stainless steel.


These materials were chosen for a specific reason: to offer you a maintenance-friendly appliance made of a material that’s gentle with knives and easy to clean.


The Ideal BarStation® 2 by The Galley includes 3 essential tools in the construction of a space for the preparation and distribution of drinks: an upper deck section to place on top of the system, a lower-tier drying rack and an upper-tier garnish board. These are complemented by the bowl with a drain cover.


La Cuisine International


What does a bartender ask for that the BarStation® 2 can offer?         

Bartenders demand to have at their disposal 4 basic areas to properly perform their job:

#1. Speed rack. This is a space to have the drinks to use handy, and you have this space in the BarStation. You can use the deck or the mini rack (or even both moving them to different sides of the station) to place the drinks you’ll offer.

#2. A cooler. The cooler is a must, and it also needs a drain. The BarStation fulfills this perfectly. The bowl of the appliance serves both to cool beers or wines, and to be simply the ice container that you need for the cocktails.

#3. Sink. The sink is a space for washing hands, fruits, rinsing tools or the mixer jar. All that’s easy to do if you have this system by The Galley because it can be located in one part of the sink, while you have the rest of the space free to meet this requirement.

#4. Organizing containers. These are containers for fruits, spices, decorations, etc. The garnish board of the Ideal BarStation 2 is tailor-made for this task, so this represents 4 out of 4 requirements met by this system created by The Galley.


You can even go a step further by adding other accessories to make this appliance even more complete, such as the 24″ cover, the knife block, or the condiment serving board. All this and more is possible because The Galley offers you the possibility to custom-make the BarStation that the bartender who lives in you wants to have.


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