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For coffee lovers, a simple espresso is no longer enough. If you are looking for more than that, Jura offers multiple options in a compact adjustable machine for your home or office with all the luxury and quality that characterizes this brand.

12 for one and one for all

When tastes are diverse, no one should settle. Satisfying everyone is possible when it comes to the coffee made with the IMPRESSA XS90 One touch by Jura. A variety of 12 types of coffee ranging from traditional espresso to the trendy mochaccino, the latte macchiato and the traditional cappuccino. We can all find our favorite beverage with this splendid coffee machine by simply pressing a button. A plus if you are the host of an important business meeting.

Coffee-scented technology

We must accept it. Today, any electrical appliance purchase goes through a review of the technology. In the case of coffee, it isn’t enough to produce an excellent beverage -although this is the main goal- since the user goes beyond that. The IMPRESSA XS90 One touch offers you the Energy Save Mode ESM© system that will allow you to save up to 60% of energy, aside from the one touch panel that will allow you to operate it with just one touch, getting the drink of your choice.

Taking care of what’s important

May your coffee be a distraction and not a problem. The Impressa XS90 One touch has an integrated system for cleaning, rinsing, and descaling that will make your life much easier by not having to worry about its maintenance. Three levels of water heating will be useful to serve infusions and the grain mill will allow you to obtain a coffee as strong as you want.

La Cuisine International

How you want it, in the amount you want

The amount of water and milk, the temperature of the beverage served, the number of preparations for each type of product, the intensity of the coffee, the change of the water filter, the frequency of maintenance, everything is in your hands and is programmable in the long term so that you don’t have to waste time on it, spending your time enjoying the service of the IMPRESSA XS90 One touch.

But if all the benefits of this machine are not enough, it’s worth mentioning that those functions are integrated into a sleek and compact design with LED lighting that can take the elegance and sophistication of your kitchen or social area in the office to a higher level.

So, why settle for a simple coffee?


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