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Liebherr is a brand of indisputable quality. With more than 60 years manufacturing line products with different fields of application, they take nothing for granted. That is why BluPerformance is an improvement of what was thought unrivaled. Here we tell you why…

The brand, that has among its achievements the patented BioFresh technology that combines constant temperatures with the ideal air humidity, now presents BluPerformance. This new range of refrigerators’ basic promise is to offer the maximum refrigerating capacity to preserve food and make drinks reach the ideal temperature for consumption in less time.

Once again the brand combines style, optimum quality materials, energy saving, and high technology for the benefit of household refrigeration. The BluPerformance line freezers and refrigerators feature a comfortable electronic touch system that allows easy and intuitive selection of the right temperature. And if that wasn’t enough, this new range comes with SmartDeviceBox, a system with which the refrigerator can be controlled from anywhere.


BluPerformance strengths

A characteristic that is almost a point of honor for this brand is the energy saving features of their appliances. With BluPerformance, Liebherr has managed to make a qualitative leap in terms of energy efficiency. In fact, all appliances in this line belong to the energy efficiency class A +++ or A +++ / – 20%. This results in fresher foods with even less energy expenditure.

Additionally, this new generation of appliances offers more storage capacity for food and beverages. Silent, efficient, and powerful; if there was an adjective missing to add to the BluPerformance appliances is that they are also beautiful.


KPef 4350


Once again Liebherr bets on classic shapes, comfort, and perfect finishes for this line. All in the interest of allowing end users to transform these refrigerators in the focal point of the kitchen. With innovative details and special surfaces, BluPerformance appliances will easily become the jewel of any home. Its harmonious design of sober and timeless lines will remain modern after many years of operation, as one of Liebherr’s distinctive features is the strategic conjunction of design and durability.

With the new generation of devices, Liebherr has set itself the objective of making your daily life easier by applying innovative technologies. The DuoCooling system can regulate the temperature of both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment in a precise and independent way. In addition, no air exchange occurs, avoiding the transmission of odors between foods and preventing them from drying-out. And if that were not enough, the NoFrost technology, this range will make your concern about defrosting a thing of the past.

In a nutshell, the BluPerformance line appliances are undoubtedly the ideal partner for any home regarding refrigeration, since you can choose from a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers the one that suits your needs.


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