6 reasons why Liebherr’s CBS 1660 and 1661 are the perfect choice for your kitchen


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Choosing a refrigerator is a difficult task. The market is full of options featuring technologies that could seduce us in many ways. However, the German brand Liebherr simplifies the choice with its CBS 1660 and 1661 models, two appliances that perfectly comply with the 6 things everyone looks for in the ideal refrigerator. Do you know what they are? Here we’ll tell you.


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1. The exterior. No one buys an appliance “just because” anymore. They definitely should be aesthetically beautiful and add style to the kitchen. Knowing this, Liebherr did not neglect this aspect, and both the CBS 1660 and the 1661 have beautiful SmartSteel exterior finishes that protect the units against stains, it’s also scratch resistant and easy to clean. The units also feature ergonomic handles, beveled edges, and a cabinet depth that allows the refrigerator to be used independently or built-in.

2. Size. A family kitchen should have a large refrigerator or one with the appropriate capacity for optimal food storage. In this sense, the German brand, designed units of 79 9/16 inches high by 29 9/16 wide and 24 13/16 deep (202 cm high by 75 wide and 63 deep) which, complying with European parameters, incorporates smart storage options with GlassLine shelves that, in addition to facilitating the organization of food, they streamline the search (as they are translucent). If that wasn’t enough, both units have low-power LED lighting integrated in the bottom of the refrigerator door to light the drawers when they are opened.

3. Technology. In this matter Liebherr certainly does not go to the forefront, it IS the forefront. Its BioFresh technology that always keeps food fresh makes its units the ideal refrigerators. In addition, each drawer can adjust its temperature individually and provide the ideal moisture to store meats, cheeses, fruits, or vegetables. Both refrigerators have an intuitive touch control panel that allows the use of all the unit functions in an easy and practical way.

4. Efficient freezing. The CBS 1660 and 1661 units are integrated components, that means they are refrigerators and freezers at the same time. Equipped with DuoCooling, a refrigeration system that creates the optimal conditions in the refrigerator as well as the freezer that guarantees fresher foods for a longer time. In addition, this technology also preserves the smell and texture of food, since the air, moisture, and smell of different foods don’t go from one compartment to the other. Another important fact is that both models are NO FROST, this means that iced air recirculation in the freezer prevents ice formation.

5. Energy saving. Liebherr is a brand focused on energy saving, which is why its refrigerators consume less energy and generate less greenhouse gas emissions. No wonder it includes advanced technologies like SUPERCOOL and SUPERFROST in their CBS 1660 and 1661 refrigerators. The first function gradually cools the refrigeration compartment until it reaches 2°C. This feature contributes to energy savings at home by rapidly cooling the freshly stored foods -even if they are hot- without altering the system, as it keeps cold the food that was already in the refrigerator, while the ones that are warm progressively cool down. SUPERCOOL is controlled by time or quantity, which also contributes to energy savings. The SUPERFROST technology has a similar function, allowing you to lower the freezer temperature from -18°C to -32°C by deeply cooling the food and preventing it from thawing when introducing new foods that may be hot. It is advisable to use this function 24 hours or the night before going shopping, so that the freezer can reach the optimum temperature. In short, the brand will not only help you save energy, but also money, as both functions will stop your food from spoiling prematurely.

6. The silence. It is hard to believe but there are people whose first concern when buying a refrigerator is if it makes a lot of noise. Well, both the CBS 1660 and 1661 generate minimal noise, thanks to their speed controlled compressors and cooling circuits which are virtually noiseless.

We gave only 6, but we assure you that there are multiple reasons to choose a Liebherr refrigerator as the center of the kitchen in your home and the perfect ally in the care of your family’s good food.


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