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Liebherr knows well that the temperature of the wine influences its tasting and that factors such as temperature, humidity, and light affect its quality. This German brand, whose knowledge of refrigeration has made it the leader of the segment, has combined in its wine coolers the understanding of the oenological world with its philosophy of constantly applying technological advances.

Among the most outstanding features of the Liebherr wine cabinets are its sober aesthetics and the high quality materials used in its manufacture. The cabinets’ interior -which vary according to the user’s needs- feature very high humidity, which is crucial since wines require a relative humidity between 70% and 80%.


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Another cardinal detail of the brand’s wine coolers is that the bottles will be well protected from sunlight and movement that could affect their content. In addition, temperature can be individually regulated, which can be beneficial especially if you want to store wine for extended periods of time.

A model for every need

The concept of home cellars proposed by the Liebherr wine cabinets not only stores bottles in the traditional horizontal position that allows the wine to be in contact with the cork, keeping it moist, but also the bottles are placed in individual spaces, so that when one is removed it is not required to move others.

The brand has also thought about the individual needs of the users, which is why it offers models like the WS 17800 with 3 temperature zones and capacity for about 178 bottles, making it the perfect wine cellar for those who need to store wines for long periods of time.

Liebherr also offers slightly less ostentatious options. An example is the small WU 4500 which, with one temperature zone and capacity for 46 bottles, making it the ideal choice for small families. As for the HWS 1800 – undoubtedly the perfect model for couples- it can store about 18 bottles in one temperature zone.


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Where do I place my wine cabinet?

Although Liebherr’s wine coolers are so beautiful and adaptable that can look good in any space, wine specialists suggest the following:

  • Place your wine cabinet away from appliances that emit vibrations or emanate a lot of heat (dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, etc.)
  • Make sure that sunlight does not directly reach it.
  • Choose a place / room where -according to the season of the year-temperature will not vary considerably.

After all these considerations, you can just uncork and toast to the health of the good life.


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