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Liebherr, the leading brand in the manufacture of refrigerators recently obtained the 2019 Energy Star® certification for the high-quality and efficiency of their lower freezers. All the state-of-the-art technology used in its refrigeration systems, makes Liebherr freezers the best choice for those who consider efficiency as the criteria to choose their home appliances.

Energy efficiency consists in reducing as much as possible the consumption of electricity used in a service in order to reduce environmental impact and economic expenditure. In the United States, there are several well-known regulations in this regard, so choosing appliances that are efficient without affecting the quality of their service is vital to the economy of a home.

Liebherr has always offered its customers the best in technology and this time said technology is combined with an exquisite design to offer to the public 4 of the 5 products that were awarded the energy efficiency certification issued by the Association of Environmental Protection (EPA) in 2019.

Taking care of the environment

The government of the United States of America, through the Environmental Protection Agency, developed the Energy Star® program as a group of strategies and controls to help consumers choose products and services that provide greater energy efficiency.

Obtaining this certification is the result of an independent evaluation of each product based on strict criteria that guarantees consumers that they will purchase products that will work the most efficient way, which at the same time generate the least possible impact on the environment and savings.

According to the EPA, the Energy Star® certification enjoys such acceptance and credibility among the American public that in the year 2017, more than 300 million products were sold with the Energy Star® symbol.

Beyond savings

The lower freezers manufactured by Liebherr, which are distinguished with the Energy Star® certification, can certainly brag about being able to save electricity. In the case of the refrigerator-freezer No Frost CS 1210, its daily consumption is less than 1 kWh, with an average expenditure of 348 kWh per year.

But beyond its efficiency, Liebherr products have much more to offer. The German engineering that characterizes the brand already has its consumers used to top finishes and impeccable assembly that guarantee excellent durability for the future.

They also have DuoCooling technology, which consists of a double cooling system in both the refrigerator and the freezer that preserves the smells and textures of food longer. What else can you ask for?


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Four options, the same quality

The Energy Star® certification was awarded in 2019 to 4 products manufactured by Liebherr. For example, the No Frost CS 1210 is a one-column refrigerator with lower freezer of imperial size and residential use, which can be recessed mounted.

The CS 1400 PC also combines the lower refrigerator and freezer modalities, with independent and recessed mounting options but with a higher capacity than the previous one, offering 75 inches of horizontal amplitude. The CS1400R is the petit refrigerator of the family, with 30 inches of horizontal amplitude and 12.8 cubic feet of capacity, also offers the NoFrost system and is the right choice for a kitchen with less traffic.

Finally, the CS1410, also awarded with the Energy Star® certification, has a capacity of 14.9 cubic feet and all the virtues of its predecessors. In addition to the DuoCooling systems, the entire line also comes with SuperCool technology  that guarantees the fast cooling of food due to its cold reserves, the SuperFrost system that provides the maximum preservation of food vitamins during freezing and the SuperQuiet system that guarantees the least noise possible during its operation thanks to its controlled-speed compressors.

Liebherr offers its customers the possibility to bring home the maximum technology for their comfort and safety, while focusing their efforts towards environmental preservation and the safe and intelligent consumption of energy at home.


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