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Liebherr knows about refrigeration, there’s no doubt about it, and that is the reason why the brand designed an undercounter freezer that answers all the prayers of those who asked for more space to refrigerate in the kitchen. Yes, let’s face it, it has happened to all of us that the freezer (no matter how big) ends up seeming small, especially when we want to preserve food out of season.

And since the devil (and in this case Liebherr) is in the details, the brand came up with a perfect solution: the integrated undercounter freezer UF 501. In different versions ready to suit the design and dimensions of your kitchen (32″ 5/16, 34″ 11/16, 23″ 9/16, and 21″ 11/16 inches), this is a device with a total net capacity of 2.8 cubic feet. Ideal for the handy storage of those frozen items that we use more frequently and that occupy space in the home refrigerator.

With the superior quality guarantee of Liebherr, the UF 501 has a simple design and innovative features that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Manufactured following the demanding parameters of this German brand, the exclusive components and materials, along with the latest production processes, guarantee the energy efficiency and performance of the appliance in the years to come.


La Cuisine International


Avant-garde technology in a small package

The UF 501 freezer is proof that the most powerful technology can come in a small package. Just a few inches are enough to store what you need in a freezer. Here are a few examples…

  • FrostSafe drawers. These drawers create a flexible storage space that can be easily expanded to accommodate larger items. This convenient system of clear drawers helps this undercounter freezer maintain the temperature and prevent cold air from escaping, even when the freezer door is open.
  • This system keeps the noise under control. Thus, the UF 501 has virtually silent compressors with speed control and a low-profile cooling circuit that guarantees both excellent performance and energy efficiency.
  • Aligned with anything that prevents environmental damage, the refrigerators manufactured by Liebherr -and the UF 501 is no exception- help produce less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions. So, this distinction is proof that Liebherr works towards having a better world.
  • This system generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored foods can be frozen quickly so that they preserve their vitamins.

In sum, if your idea of having more room for refrigeration was just having an additional freezer in the kitchen, keep in mind that Liebherr goes all the way when it comes to quality. So, your prayers were heard and the answer to them is a freezer that will certainly offer you more than you expected.


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