Liberty®, the induction cooktop by Thermador that brings high-tech to your kitchen


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Technology lovers will certainly see a dream come true in the innovative Liberty® induction cooktop by Thermador. Why? Because this is a cooktop that has the most modern heat, power, and object detection systems on the market.


In other words, we’re talking about a high-end appliance whose technological standards are absolutely futuristic. Thermador’s Liberty® induction cooktop has not only been designed to provide greater flexibility while you cook but also to make your cooking experience simpler and more enjoyable.


In addition, this appliance is absolutely beautiful. This silver mirrored glass cooktop is an interesting nod that this brand has made to the culinary ego through an appliance. We could almost tell you that you can see your reflection in it, while you cook, and that perhaps if you ask this appliance “who’s the best chef in the world?” we bet Liberty® will reply that there’s no one else like you.


This is an induction cooktop that fits perfectly into any kitchen style, as it has beveled finishes and stainless-steel edges. Furthermore, its illuminated touch and front controls will give your kitchen the elegance that only Thermador technology can offer.


The 4 powers of Liberty

As we said at the beginning, the Liberty® cooktop has the most modern systems as far as induction cooktops are concerned. But it doesn’t end there, because this appliance has three extra-large cooking zones that will allow you to cook many dishes at the same time without inconveniences.


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What we haven’t told you about are the powers that the state-of-the-art systems included in Liberty® put in your hands. The first power is the HeatShift® function that allows you to change the power level by simply moving pots and pans through the three cooking zones.


The second is provided by the MoveMode® function. This one will allow you to easily transfer settings without having to reset the power levels when moving a pot around the cooktop. As for the power that the CookSmart® function puts at your disposal, we can tell you that it will enable you to intuitively use the 5 preset temperature levels that this cooktop offers.


And then there’s the power of connectivity, which you can access through the Home Connect app. This power will put on your phone and smart devices personalized control of this cooktop, notifications, and remote diagnostics of the appliance’s status.


So as we have said before, this is the cooktop by Thermador that brings the kitchen of the future to the present with all its advantages. Is there anything left to say? We don’t think so. (Read also 4 Tips to have a kitchen worthy of a chef at home).


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