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Jura coffee app

Jura coffee App technology empowers your smartphone to control a coffee machine and save your favorite coffee. Something unimaginable centuries ago, when this exquisite drink first started igniting fascination around the world.

Ethiopia is believed to be the place where coffee beans were discovered. In fact, it was in Arabia – during the XV century – where these beans were roasted and ground for the first time in a similar way as we know them nowadays. By the XVI century it had extended through all Middle East and Northern Africa. It arrived in Europe through Italy to eventually land in America.

Curiously, in both the Arabic and Christian worlds coffee became somewhat questionable, even intended to be prohibited. Nevertheless, its exquisite flavor managed to conquer the most closed-minded individuals. Pope Clement VIII, for instance, symbolically baptized the beverage so that it would be freed from negative energy and thus be available to all the Catholics.

Today, coffee is not only an elixir appreciated globally, but also the ingredient of the most refined recipes, amongst them desserts, ice creams and cocktails.

Coffee however you like it whenever you like it

Some people prefer strong piping-hot coffee, others warm coffee with milk, maybe even creamy. The new JURA App allows you to easily transfer your coffee preferences to your tablet or smartphone. The functions saved in the machine would remain unaffected; on the contrary, you could enjoy coffee maker programming options linked via Bluetooth.

With the JURA App it is possible to adjust the intensity of coffee, the quantity of coffee and water and the temperature. Once you have programmed it, simply touch your device and your favorite specialty would go from the tablet or smartphone to the cup.

You also could make changes on the App homepage to place your favorite options at your convenience, likewise you can give personalized names to your specialties – “Wake up Coffee”, “Special Cappuccino” – and assign them the photos you choose, even your own pictures.


Choose your version of the Jura Coffee App

The app could be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store, and is available in two versions, for IOS (7.0 and up) as well as Android (4.4 and up).

In the professional version all the data in the coffee maker, including that regarding preparation and maintenance, could be read remotely and sent via email (manually or automatically). The messages concerning the status of the device – restock water, coffee, beans – are sent automatically to the relevant individual, which guarantees that it will always be ready to be used.

The Connected App optimizes the communication between the coffee maker and its users, coffee vendors or coffee operators. It is possible to know, at any moment, the number of specialties or the total of dispensed products, information that could be sent by email for control purposes. In this case, a graphic chart would show the most popular options.

Likewise, the app will notify when cleaning is needed or the maintenance of the programs. To sum up, enjoying a good coffee was never this easy.


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