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Although each season has its own colors, flavors and scents, coffee is the only ingredient that’s presents in all of them. Why? Well, because you can drink this beverage hot or cold regardless of the season and along with other ingredients.

Jura, a leading Swiss brand expert in the art of bringing the pleasure of a good coffee to any occasion, has not only provided its automatic machines with a complete catalog of shapes and varieties of preparations of this cherished drink, but has also put together a collection of recipes.

Yes, what you just read. Jura not only gives you the possibility to enjoy a coffee comparable to one made by a barista (see Jura S8 serves coffee with precision and style), but also has added to its wide range of options that will assure you never get bored when preparing this beverage. So, if you could already surprise your guests using the different drink options your Jura machine offers, imagine a Christmas celebration with coffee-based cocktails that’ll help you stay awake to meet Santa.

Christmas coffee

The season of Advent, for those who profess the Christian faith, especially Catholicism, is full of decades-old traditions and Jura has the perfect coffee recipe to go along with it.

The ingredients to prepare the advent coffee (for 1 person) are as follows:

  • 1 espresso (45 ml)
  • 20ml cream liqueur or eggnog
  • 200ml milk
  • 1 generous pinch of cinnamon

The first thing you have to do to prepare this drink is heat the liquor. Then  pour it into a decorative glass or cup and add the  cinnamon.

Then, select the espresso option from your Jura coffee machine. Once it’s ready pour the 45  ml of espresso into the glass or cup over the liqueur.

The magic touch of this drink is nothing else but foam, which you’ll get with the automatic milk foam vaporizer of your Jura machine. When the foam is ready pour it into the glass until it’s full and garnish with a little cinnamon.


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Another delicious option you’ll love to taste in December is Noel’s Macchiato recipe. Take note of the ingredients:

Ingredients (for 1 person):

  • 1 espresso macchiato (40 ml of espresso with milk foam)
  • 10ml Spekulatius syrup

First, pour the syrup into the glass or cup you will use to serve the drink. Then select the espresso macchiato option in your Jura, placing the same  glass or cup you are using on the machine and, as the cherry on top, sprinkle cinnamon powder on the foam to decorate.

We recommend keeping these two recipes a secret. Remember that the element of surprise is the key to bedazzling your guests.


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