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The Italian brand Irinox, pioneer in the introduction of the concept of blast chilling and high quality preservation in the food industry, has been committed to answering the ancestral need of food preservation, adding its staple to the traditional form of freezing through the use of technology. The brand has given chefs and professionals of the culinary world not only the possibility of preserving flavors, but to reduce the probability of bacterial proliferation.

Since 1989, Irinox has been working to make its blast chillers (fast cooling system for food) an essential element in professional kitchens around the world, taking away from traditional refrigeration appliances. How? We detail below.

Faster cooling, less risk

Fast freezing offers countless advantages over the traditional cooling process. A blast chiller allows the reduction of the internal temperature of food that has just been cooked. This, in addition to avoiding bacterial proliferation, and maintaining important conditions like vitamins, textures, taste, smell, etc. Not bad at all, right?

In this sense, Irinox offers households the benefits of a professional blast chiller that allows the fast reduction of the temperature of the products after cooking; freezing and thawing in a short time and in a controlled manner; cooking meats (white and red) at low temperature; fermenting bread, pizza and loaves; keeping dishes ready at the ideal temperature, cooling drinks, and making ice in record time.



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Freddy: the modern kitchen‘s best friend

Freddy is the name of the first blast chilling system for home use created by Irinox. Designed entirely in sober stainless steel, Freddy has state-of-the-art technology, a probe that measures the internal temperature of food and an easy-to-use digital interface. But the best part of this device is the advantages it brings to modern life. Here are some:

  • Better planning. This blast chilling system preserves freshness because products will hardly lose water and weight, and the thawing process will be fast, which also allows planning their processing.
  • Cost reducing. Freddy extends the life of food; this implies a reduction in costs and better use of vegetables, fruits, and garden produce which can be even bought in season and stored without any problems.
  • Menu variety. By being able to conserve food better, a wide variety of options can be offered, as it will be possible to prepare base dishes beforehand.
  • Healthier foods. Freddy ends the myth that frozen foods lose properties. By preventing food from oxidizing, it guarantees the presence of 80% of vitamins in food, making them as healthy as the fresh ones.
  • Express parties. Freddy has the ability to cool bottles and drinks (1° per minute) and make ice in record time (30 minutes), so you can come in from the office and organize a get-together at home without any problems. You will be able to have food ready in record time, to leave the kitchen and spend more time with your guests.

In short, Irinox hit the spot. Their ability to devise such an efficient conservation system led them to freeze preconceived cooling concepts leading them into the 21st century.


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