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Whoever said that you can’t have the best of both worlds in the same range, doesn’t know the model HII8047U from the 800 series by Bosch. This is a 30-inch slide-in induction cooktop with a convection oven. Yes, that’s right, it comes with a convection oven.


Bosch’s idea with this built-in range is to offer, in the same appliance, the two most appreciated technological advances in the modern kitchen. On the one hand, it offers constant temperature adjustments for precise cooking results that only induction can give you, while on the other hand, it offers faster and more uniform cooking than the convection oven provides.


Simply put, this two-in-one appliance from the German brand is designed to deliver the precision and reliability that are part of its distinctive hallmark and complement its core promise of making technology for everyday life.


Gliding to perfection


Bosch engineers love a challenge. That’s why they set out to create a range that could combine technological advances with a simple and elegant design. The result? A unique appliance with intuitive commands and world-class performance.


But, none of the above tells you anything about what having a range like the HII8047U range from the 800 Series by Bosch will mean for your home, so we’ll explain this in detail.


For starters, having the innovative induction technology will offer you the possibility of fast, precise, and efficient cooking (this appliance provides between 1400-3700W of power) which will allow you to cook anything from sauces to stews with the skill of a chef. However, this is not all.


The design of this sliding range can replace a freestanding cooktop, as its surface slides against the wall and into the countertop for a sleek, integrated look.


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The best-kept secret


We’re talking about a range that has a convection oven with a 4.6 cubic foot capacity, which means there’s room for most pots and pans inside. But, there’s more.


For ease of operation, the oven comes with 11 specialized cooking modes and the PreciseSelect® system. Additionally, this is a fast preheat oven, which comes with a meat probe.


But the best thing is that this is also a pyrolytic oven, which means that it cleans itself automatically by simply selecting the function for that purpose (Self-cleaning). In addition, and depending on how dirty the oven is, the appliance heats up and burns the grease or food residues, without the need for chemicals. After that, you only have to wait until the appliance has cooled down to remove the ash from the inside and that’s it. No more long hours of oven maintenance.


If that wasn’t enough for you, this Bosch unit also has a warming drawer, which will help you keep everything you cook hot and ready to serve. So if you thought having it all at the same time was impossible, Bosch demonstrates once again that miracles do exist, at least in the kitchen.


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