In Thermador veritas, or how to effortlessly preserve wine at home


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“In Vino veritas” is a phrase frequently used by the lovers of the famous wines of Bacchus. And Thermador, a brand that is knowledgeable in these conservation practices, seems to have adopted the phrase as a motto.

The brand, which is famous for its high-end appliances, has made wine conservation a point of honor in its catalog. This is why it has a wide variety of options to please the different storage needs of users.

But how important is it to know about wine conservation? The answer is simple: the degree of importance will be based on how much you appreciate and enjoy sharing a glass of wine with your friends or family.


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To store them better

There are a number of opinions regarding the most appropriate way to preserve and store wine at home. Obviously, the wisest opinions are those based on having a special refrigerator or wine bar for this purpose.

Therefore, we have put together 4 of the most important recommendations on this topic, and how the wine refrigeration columns T24UR920RS and T24UW920LS by Thermador perfectly comply with them.

1. Keep bottles at the right temperature. Keeping bottles at a constant temperature is one of the factors that prevents wine from damaging. With that in mind, Thermador provided the model T24UR920RS with customizable cooling modes (refrigerator, pantry and column), which will allow the user to preserve its wine. On the other hand, the T24UW920LS offers a double-zone wine storage system with adjustable temperatures, which perfectly meets the premise of keeping bottles at the same temperature.
2. Avoid direct light exposure. Another factor that can accelerate the deterioration of wine is its direct exposure to light. And this applies to both natural and artificial light. In fact, experts point out that light can adversely affect wine through the photodegradation of the riboflavin in it. This is known as “light disease.” With that in mind, all models of wine refrigeration columns by Thermador have UV-resistant tempered glass doors. Besides, for the user to be able to see the bottles of wine stored, both the T24UW920LS and the T24UR920RS model come with LED theater lighting, which not only allow its visualization, but also doesn’t affect the wine.


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3. Strong odor isolation and moisture control. To prevent the alteration of the flavor and aromas of wine by external agents, they must be kept away from being in contact with strong odor sources. Also, moisture is also an important factor to monitor in the conservation of wines. Therefore, the T24UW920LS model has a hidden ventilation grille for a full integration that allows to keep the bottles permanently ventilated, which also allows to regulate the humidity of the environment inside the appliance and to avoid the appearance of fungi in the corks. Both units are equipped with the SoftClose® hinge system, which will not only prevent stored bottles from balancing with the closure, but also will allow the wine to be isolated from any external agent.
4. The position. The way in which wine bottles are stored is also very important when it comes to preserving their organoleptic characteristics. With that in mind, Thermador has provided the T24UW920LS model with full-extension wine racks, which will allow you to keep your bottles always in a horizontal position, so the wine and the cork are in permanent contact. This prevents the cork from drying up and the bottle from losing its hermetic seal. This unit, like the T24UR920RS model, was created to allow wine bottles to rest appropriately and their broths evolve in the most natural way possible.

In Vino veritas? That’s probably it. But you can be certain that wine storage and preservation has found an outstanding ally in Thermador, don’t you think?


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