The importance of a well-ventilated refrigerator


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Even though current household appliances do practically everything, it’s necessary to take into account the essential requirements for optimum performance. In the case of refrigerators -especially built-in models- many brands recommend that they be provided with a ventilation opening of at least 200 cm2 at the top and bottom of the cabinets to let proper air flow.

German brand Liebherr, known for putting its high-tech seal on all its appliances, recommends not overlooking ventilation in built-in refrigerators. In the brand’s blog, experts point out that inadequate ventilation in this type of appliance can damage their cooling systems and also:

• Affect their performance and efficiency
• Use more energy than they should
• The appliance will not be able to keep the temperature it needs for food preservation
• Damage to the cabinet -in which the appliance is fixed- due to temperature condensation
• Cause the compressor to overheat and fail
• Shorten the refrigerator’s life

Therefore, you must provide the technicians making the installation with the minimum ventilation requirements according to the instructions that come with the appliance.

Tips for playing it safe

Liebherr’s extensive experience in these matters allows them to ensure that a refrigerator will have a correct installation if simple steps are followed.

1. Download the installation instructions. You can find them on the brand’s website. Read them carefully and make sure you understand them.
2. Share with your designer, architect, or installer the important information booklet that details the brief key elements regarding installation and ventilation.
3. Use the support provided by the brand. Liebherr offers, to those who buy a refrigerator from the brand, a team that can take a look at the kitchen design and give the necessary feedback, for the architect or designer in charge of preparing the plans for the furniture to take into account so that the installation will be exactly what the device requires.
4. Watch the tutorials. Liebherr has illustrative videos that work as tutorials to help you or your installer complete a textbook installation.
5. Play it safe. Liebherr sells a ventilation grill that ensures that a minimum air flow of 200 cm2 is achieved.

Remember that these recommendations are always oriented to get the best performance from the appliance. So, do not overlook them.


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