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If the brand name Best doesn’t ring a bell, then you probably think of extractor hoods as a noisy hulk that absorbs the fat from the environment. But that’s not the case. Best has taken the concept of kitchen extractors (hoods) and turned it into an appliance that architects and designers consider carefully to add a touch of style to modern kitchens.

Extractor hoods are more than just an appliance, and Best can demonstrate it with five reasons why their name should ring a bell to you.

1. Smells are not forever

A delicious fish stops being so delightful when the whole kitchen, and even the rest of the house, is impregnated with its smell for hours… or even days! The hoods made by Best can identify any odor being adjusted and turned on, expelling it almost immediately. Let flowers fill your home with pleasant scents, not the fish.

2. To the rescue after making a little mistake

La Cuisine International

The extractor function of the hoods made by Best is not limited to odors. Cooking fumes and even gases are extracted by these hoods, eliminating the possible risks of leaving the gas knobs on. But don’t leave everything up to Best and check out the knobs after you are done cooking!

3. Extractor hood, lights, and action.

Everything looks better with good lighting. Right? Well, all extractor hoods made by Best are an excellent source of lighting right above the action happening in the kitchen. High-performance LED lighting and low energy cost to ease the work, aside from control panels with infrared buttons that illuminate at the touch of a button to have everything in order are the solutions that Best can offer.

La Cuisine International

4. Attention to what’s important

Best takes away troubles from your hands so you can deal with the ingredients, the flavors, the guests, which is important. With its delay timer control, the hood can be programmed to turn off by itself after a certain period, and when it comes to maintenance, the hoods made by Best have an alarm system to indicate the need to clean the filters.

5. Style also rings a bell

Yes, it’s true, they are very useful in the kitchen, but extractor hoods also bring sophistication and seal the style of the decoration. Best satisfies every taste: elegant and geometric wall hoods, modern extractor panels, without forgetting the artistic extractors hoods for islands. There’s one for every style with the same level of quality.

Functionality, style, beauty, safety, low energy consumption… Do you need any more reasons for Best to ring a bell?


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