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A kitchen extractor hood is a fundamental element in any kitchen. That is why brands such as Faber, in addition to making them increasingly energy-efficient and providing them with technological elements that guarantee the desired extraction, take great care in their design.


But let’s say you want to choose the extractor hood that suits you best and you don’t know where to start, but happen to come across the model Glassy Isola by Faber and are blown away by its elegance, but you’re not sure if it’s the one you need at home. What’s the best thing you can do?


The first thing you should understand is that choosing an extractor hood is not only a matter of taste but also a decision in which you have to consider variables such as the type of device, installation, size, suction mode, noise level, and suction capacity. With all this clear, then it’s time for you to fall completely in love with this Faber appliance that, although it has captivated you with its very careful design, will win you over with everything it can offer to your kitchen.


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Falling in love with the details


As we have already said, it’s important to be clear about some details before buying a kitchen extractor hood. The first thing on the list is the type of hood. There are 3 types of extractors: recessed (which are recessed in a kitchen cabinet or ceiling), conventional or visor, and decorative wall or island extractor hoods.


The Glassy Isola by Faber is a decorative extractor hood that’s usually installed in kitchens with an island. Perfect for open spaces where the elegance and lightness of the two materials used in its manufacture (stainless steel and tempered glass) create a harmony of clean lines in the environment in which it is installed.


Other important elements to consider are the size of the appliance and the installation. In this sense, the Glassy Isola has a great advantage, because as a decorative hood, it has fewer restrictions in terms of installation. The other types of hoods must take into account the adjustment to the cabinets where they will be recessed.


When it comes to sizes, most kitchen extractor hoods are usually between 60 and 90 cm. Again, this Faber model scores points, being a perfect hood to be installed on islands, it has the widest size (90 cm), which guarantees that it will absorb very well any smoke emitted by the cooktop or range on which it is placed.


Regarding the suction mode, the hoods offer two types: the evacuation system, which requires an exhaust duct, and the recycling system. This model by Faber offers a convertible ventilation system with 4-speed levels, including the “intensive speed” level (6 minutes of maximum suction).


As expected, the appliance emits noises when it sucks in the fumes generated during cooking, especially when maximum power is used. To avoid buying an excessively noisy extractor hood, it’s important to choose a class A or B appliance. Being a class B appliance, the model Glassy Isola by Faber has an ideal noise level ranging from 54 to 69 dB.


A very interesting detail to evaluate when acquiring this type of equipment is its suction capacity. This Faber appliance has a large suction capacity (1000 m3 / h) which guarantees that it will be the best ally in an open-style kitchen, since the fumes of what you cook, won’t take over the space.


And as if all that wasn’t enough, this extractor hood comes with aluminum deflector filters, and 4 LED lamps of 3 Watts that will provide you with better lighting while you cook.


So, if you loved the Glassy Isola by Faber for its sober and elegant design, knowing all these details, will surely have convinced you that it’s the extractor hood you were looking to have in your kitchen. (Read also How to take care of the extractor hood in 4 steps).


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