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Having a complete and nearly perfect kitchen is the dream of every culinary enthusiast. But what does it mean to have a complete kitchen?


The most demanding will talk about space and having appliances that make the tasks in this area of the home easier, but La Cuisine International goes beyond that.


The kitchen of your dreams is the one that will allow you to perform all culinary processes to perfection. And as you may already know, there are 4 basic cooking techniques: frying, poaching, roasting, and sautéing.


Some of the modern cooktops and ranges are prepared to offer you these possibilities. But what if you simply wanted to do it like a pro?


Well, you would only have to turn to the 4 fantastic kitchen modules manufactured by Smeg. We introduce them below.


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All for one, or everything in your kitchen


Let’s say that the most difficult thing for you to prepare on your cooktop is sauces. Sauces can be tricky, but above all, they require a flame that’s constant and low enough, so they can reach the perfect consistency.

That’s why Smeg has a two-burner gas module that can help you cook food that requires a low but constant level of heat.

The PGF32G modular gas hob from this Italian brand is the ideal ally to create the kitchen of your dreams. Manufactured in brushed stainless steel, with front control knobs and cast iron grills, this is an appliance that offers two heat zones with different powers: 1.05 kW and 2.50 kW, which will allow you to make not only sauces but also restaurant-worthy poached dishes.


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Fry as you please


A kitchen cannot be complete without a deep fryer, so you can prepare sinful delicacies properly. Although it may not seem so, frying is one of the most complicated processes in the culinary arts.


Therefore, the PGF30F module will be an item you’ll want to have in your kitchen. This frying hob fully made of stainless steel will allow you to heat the oil at the right temperature (between 90° and 180°) without the danger of burning or splashing.


Its steel basket is also perfect for making French fries, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, as well as vegetables tempura, and any other delicious dish that needs to be fried with the mastery of a chef.


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Like in a Japanese restaurant


And while we’re on the subject of tempura, what could be better than combining the deep fryer with Smeg’s PG30T-1 module? This Teppanyaki plate, great for searing meat and fish cuts, offers more options than you can imagine.


The hob is ideal for those who want to have a healthy lifestyle because it allows you to cook vegetables and meats in a few minutes with little use of fats or oils. The trick of Teppanyaki cooking is to know how to use the high temperatures that the plate offers.


Like all Smeg appliances, the PGF30T module is made of stainless steel, which not only makes it more weather resistant and hygienic but also seals food quickly and preserves all its flavors and vitamins.


It comes with front control knobs that enable the correct choice of temperatures in each of its cooking zones, and it also includes a residual heat indicator light.


While its power of 1.8 kW per zone makes it a professional appliance,  you’ll be ecstatic to know that its cooking surface is surrounded by a groove that collects grease. In other words, it’s as efficient as it is easy to clean.




Grilling at home


Smeg’s 4th fantastic module is none other than the grill. Just imagine being able to have in your kitchen a piece of equipment that allows you to serve at your table meats, fish, and vegetables made with that special grilled touch.


This stainless steel electric grill offers nine precise power levels for professional results at home. But that’s not all.


The PGF30B will allow you to cook with a lava stone (optional accessory) under the griddle for a more even cooking and authentic smoked flavor. Made entirely of brushed stainless steel and cast iron grates, it’s a simple appliance to clean when you’re done cooking on it.


As you will see, these 4 fantastic Smeg modules combined with a cooktop, range, or even with each other, will allow you to create a flexible and customized cooking area that is quite simply, the kitchen of your dreams.



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