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American brand The Galley undoubtedly thought of the hidden desire we all have to feel like a real chef when we go into our kitchens. Their idea of creating workstations that transform our sinks into useful, complete, functional and -above all-beautiful and elegant areas it’s just revolutionary.

The Galley Ideal Workstation is a complete line of 6 kitchen workstations that the brand has designed in different lengths and configurations, with single or double sinks, to fit different sizes and needs in the kitchen. Each of them is handcrafted, following high quality standards. As well as being manufactured with materials such as natural bamboo, graphite wood composite, stainless steel, and resin.


La Cuisine International


6 sizes, 6 needs

The IWS 7 (IDEAL WORKSTATION® 7) is the largest workstation in the line, measuring 7′ (213.36cm), enough for 3 people working at the same time. In addition to having the option of choosing between single or double bowls, it is equipped with 11 pieces that make up a sort of culinary kit (bowls, colanders, cutting boards, drying racks, and bowl platforms). The finish is selected by the customers who can decide whether the finish of their station is made in natural bamboo, graphite wood composite, and gray or white resin.

As for the IWS6, it’s the ideal station for large families. With a similar length to the previous model, it may well accommodate one or two users at a time. It also comes with a 10-piece dual-tier kitchen kit. The sink can be either single or double bowl and, just like its predecessor in the line, can be customized to the taste of the end user.

The remaining stations that integrate the line retain the organizational and functional qualities of the first two models but adapt to smaller spaces. In the case of the IWS5 -one of the line’s bestsellers –it’s perfect for any kitchen (9-piece kit). It allows a maximum of 2 people working on it, becoming the axis of the central space of the home because it facilitates any activity that takes place in it.

The IWS4 is the ideal station for small families, people living alone, or outdoor kitchens (6-piece kit); while the IWS3 and the IWS2 are versatile options that can either find place in a large kitchen or adjust to a reduced space. Both come equipped with 5 pieces. The Galley also thought of a series of accessories (condiment service board, extra boards, knife rack, filter, etc.) that can be purchased separately and can be adjusted to each model of the line.

So, this “made in Oklahoma” quality label will not only give you the opportunity to feel like a chef, but to have a custom-made workstation made to your liking.


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