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Kitchen extractor hoods have evolved in terms of design, size, and the functions available. But Gaggenau brings to the kitchen a version that is perhaps closer to the original idea.


This is an extractor hood with smart ventilation, which purifies the air in the kitchen and removes grease before it spreads into the environment.


The vertical ventilation of Gaggenau’s 400 Series Vario downdraft extractor hood, model VL414712 certainly gets the job done. This appliance has a sleek, understated design that puts the focus on what’s important: the taste of your dishes, so this extractor hood is the key element any open-concept kitchen needs.




The Gaggenau Vario downdraft series of extractor hoods adapt to the design of the magazine-worthy kitchen you want to recreate in your home, as they are perfect to be installed next to the hob or cooktop. Whether streamlined to cover the entire cooktop area, or installed vertically to work directly over a specific perimeter, this is an appliance that can be positioned as it is most convenient for your kitchen design.


The installation is very simple since it only requires a countertop with enough depth to host the remote fan that absorbs the vapors when they begin to rise.


One of the main attractions of these Gaggenau extractor hoods is that, unlike traditional hoods, they don’t allow vapors to rise. On the contrary, this vertical extractor hood draws them in and sucks them out, minimizing grease and odors from spreading around the cooktop.


Also, ventilation grilles framed in a stainless steel housing act as an insulator between the kitchen and surrounding areas.


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Power and silence


The annoying noise of kitchen extractor hoods that interrupts conversations in the kitchen vanishes with this star from Gaggenau. The 400 Series Vario downdraft extractor hoods feature a minimal noise ventilation system that works with full efficiency based on the extraction power level chosen.


In this sense, the extractor hood has three power levels graduated through a recessed stainless steel knob, equipped with a LED light ring that is very useful to remind you that the hood is in use… Since you won’t hear a thing.


So as you can see, the discretion and elegance of the 400 Series Vario downdraft extractor hoods meet the requirements of the most demanding kitchen designs, which is one of the many characteristics of this German brand that puts its technology and quality at your disposal.


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