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Vacuum cooking is a culinary trend that is here to stay. Well known at industrial level, the technique has spread considerably and it’s currently available for home use with appliances that assist in the process.

In “vacuum” cooking, a wet or dry cooking method, temperature control, and time are all essential. This type of cooking, which can be done in conventional ovens or in modern steamers, favors the retention of vitamins and minerals that, according to specialized studies, benefit the organoleptic characteristics of foods (smell, taste and texture).

However, vacuum cooking has also many advantages that can be summarized in two basic principles for fine dining: good hygiene and quality. Both the cooking and the vacuum sealing allow meat and fish to preserve their texture. In addition, since it can be refrigerated and there is no direct contact of the food with the cold, the food is free from ice burn. And to top it off, as the oxidation caused by oxygen is non-existent, foods are kept in good condition for longer.

In a nutshell, this trend saves money, because less food and time are wasted, and because large quantities can be cooked without fear of food being damaged.


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Gaggenau’s starring role

The German brand is once again at the forefront of the current trends, integrating in its combined steam 400 Series ovens a perfect ally for the vacuum cooking process.
The DV 461 is a handle-less vacuuming drawer that fits neatly underneath the brand’s 400 Series ovens. These allow quick and easy sealing of fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits; not only for vacuum cooking, but also for the marinating and storage of foods.

Designed to offer professional-grade vacuum packaging at home, the Gaggenau DV 461 models have the same design as the ovens, as they perfectly match. That is to say, they come in stainless steel-backed glass and Gaggenau Anthracite.

This vacuuming drawer is simple to use as it features a very user-friendly touch control. An important part of the Gaggenau DV 461 is that they offer three vacuum levels that adjust the exact extraction of oxygen and heat-sealing to regulate its duration. The equipment includes 240 x 350 mm and 180 x 280 mm vacuum bags as accessories, and if more bags are needed, customers can make additional orders as these are counted as special accessories.

So if you are ready to join this vacuum cooking trend and to enjoy a professional appliance that allows you to extend the life of your food at home, check on our website to see which of the available equipment fits your kitchen.


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