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Let’s be honest, washing dishes is a nightmare. But thanks to technology, there are solutions to save us the headache of ending up tied to the sink after a lavish dinner.


In this sense, Gaggenau becomes your ally by offering a dishwasher that can adapt to the demands of both grandma’s dishes and the cutlery that hides behind the scenes of the movie-worthy dinner you just served to your guests.


The 400 Series DF481700 Dishwasher by Gaggenau is designed to provide maximum cleanliness and care for cookware, glassware, and dishes while meeting your needs regarding speed, consumption, and above all, space. The latter means no more playing Tetris with plates and glasses, so they all fit in a single load.



Everything in its place


One of the concerns of using a dishwasher is the risk of glassware breaking due to the impact of the water jets, or being stained by the calcium in the water. This is the first sign that the 400 Series DF481700 is made to make your life easier.


This appliance has a folding rack to hold glasses and cups in place, preventing their movement and possible breakage. But if that doesn’t seem enough, its accessories include a cup holder to wash glasses with even more precision.


As for stains, its exclusive zeolite drying technology prevents their unpleasant appearance on glassware, preserving the beauty of your pieces.


The upper basket of this dishwasher has a greater depth. It can hold cups, bowls, or cooking utensils and even serve as a replacement for the cutlery basket in case you need space on the lower rack. This means you have more height to place trays or pots when you remove the knife section.

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Customized loads


The 400 Series DF481700 by Gaggenau not only allows you to arrange dishes and utensils at your convenience but also offers 8 different wash programs with four options to adjust water temperature, jet intensity, load duration, noise level, type of wash, etc.


Everything can be easily operated from the device’s intuitive controls screen, so you can “do the dishes” comfortably and make sure you enjoy every minute of your gatherings at home, without thinking about what comes after your guests leave.


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