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Traditionally, the use of the oven is associated with the preparation of desserts and other dishes, such as gratins and pizzas. However, the options of dishes that we can prepare in an oven are almost as endless as they are tasty. Discovering this range of possibilities is much easier if you have the oven BO480613 from the 400 Series by Gaggenau in your home. Its multiple functions allow cuisine lovers to concentrate on new recipes.

To surprise your family or guests, you just have to dare to try making other combinations. Inspired in a professional kitchen, the oven BO480613 by Gaggenau BO480613 counts with a number of advantages, such as being manufactured with the best materials and a range of 17 different types of cooking. In this oven, you can use the traditional baking function, grill, roast, use the pizza stone function (for optimal baking of the dough), keep food warm or simply defrost your food, among others.

Also, the core temperature probe function that comes with this Gaggenau oven allows you to cook a tender and juicy meat, with the desired term. This probe accurately detects the temperature inside the food and, based on that information, calculates the exact cooking time to achieve a perfect piece of meat. And everything can be stored in the oven memory, which has the option to save up to 50 individual recipes (including the history of the central temperature probe). Besides, you can view the texts in 25 languages and customize the automatic programs.


La Cuisine International


A chef’s dream

The BO480613 oven from Gaggenau has characteristics that would be highly appreciated by a chef, both aesthetically and functionally. It comes with a full glass door with a 30″ wide (76 cm) stainless-steel backrest and controls at the top. This glass door is automatic, has no handle and the oven has a safety closure and child lock system, with the idea of avoiding unpleasant accidents. The door opens laterally to an angle of 180°.

This oven has stainless-steel rotary knobs on the outside, which allow you to intuitively control the oven on the TFT display. With just a touch of the screen, you can check cooking details and quickly adjust the heat. Also, the automatic programs help the home cook and, with the Home Connect system, you can remotely control and monitor what you are cooking.

The catalyst in this appliance filters the grease and odors from the air. Despite reaching very high temperatures, the 4 layers of glass on the front of the oven keep the door cool even when the pyrolytic cleaning program reaches 485°C. Additionally, they are specially treated to avoid distorting colors and, along with the 60W halogen lights on top and 2 x 10W on the side, you can perfectly watch how your food is cooked inside the appliance.Also, the rotisserie spit can be used in the majority of the 17 cooking programs available and the exclusive enamel covering the inside of the oven offers excellent thermal reflection, guaranteeing a very long useful life. The interior also has enameled side shelves with 5 levels for trays.

Easy to use, easy to clean

After a good meal, the host has the heaviest work: cleaning. This has always been a sensitive issue when it comes to ovens, so the industry has invested time to solve it.The oven BO480613 has several cleaning systems: the Gaggenau Clean-Enamel, a hot air catalyst and the pyrolytic self-cleaning system, which reaches 485°C inside to carbonize any impurities and dirt you may have. After applying pyrolysis, you only need to wipe it clean with a cloth to leave it as new. There is no need to scrub or use special products to remove grease from this oven.


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