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The dream of cooking at ease already became a reality. The full-surface induction cooktops of the 400 series by Gaggenau are the answer to all the prayers of kitchen lovers.

The case is that having several pots in the kitchen, without having to worry about not having enough space or burners, is a relief that many appreciate. However, the attachment to “fire” is something that is not easy to overcome.

That is why brands like Gaggenau have worked hard on their induction cooktops to offer charms that the hypnotic blue fire of gas cooktops cannot offer.

So, among the benefits to opt for induction cooktops are the merely aesthetic reasons. But certainly, the fact that they are easy to clean, safe to handle and even their low energy consumption, are very important reasons to take the great leap of faith to change.

However, if none of these reasons convince you, here we will give you more reasons to fall in love with this introduction of technology in your kitchen.

From what we already know…

First let’s explore what we already know.
1.- Contrary to what one might think, induction cooktops are characterized by their low energy consumption. The reason? They work for a shorter period, which makes them very attractive, especially for millennial homes.
2-. They are safe. If you have small children at home, these cooktops are a must. They only emit heat to the pan or pot. Also, since they cool down quickly, if children put their hands on the cooktop, they will not burn them.
3.-They are easy to clean. If something spills, you don’t have to take apart the entire kitchen to clean. Just using a damp soft cloth with some mild soap over the cooktop is enough to remove the splashes of grease.
4.-They fit into any design. Not only are they beautiful, but also go well with styles as diverse as those of minimalist or industrial kitchens that are so fashionable today.


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To the unknown and innovative…

Now, we will talk about what we don’t know, and what will surprise you from the induction cooktop CX491610 by Gaggenau.

1.- They are fast. The time you need to cook in them is much less than what is required in other kitchens with electric heat sources and even less than gas. As if that wasn’t enough, in the specific case of the CX491610, its electronic power control offers 17 output levels that will help you cook in less time
2.- It allows you to cook with ease. The CX491610 has a unique cooking surface (2800 cm²). This means that you can place up to 4 or more cooking utensils simultaneously on the cooking surface. This cooktop offers free cooking space.
3.- They can be installed on any surface. The Gaggenau CX491610 can be placed on stone, synthetic or solid wood countertops. Obviously, the brand suggests considering the heat resistance of each material and the hermetic sealing of the same.
4.- Among other features that will make you fall in love with this model of the 400 series of Gaggenau are: the detection of individual pots and the cooking timer for each position and minute, among others.

So, if you haven’t still made up your mind, we are certain that you will after reading this post. Stop resisting, the introduction of an induction cooktop in your kitchen is a step towards the home of the future.


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