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Gaggenau has understood that modernism demands kitchens that lean towards minimalism and elegance. Today, homes require all the implements that technology provides to make cooking an easier task, but always keeping those elements from becoming the main character.

Hence, the German brand Gaggenau stands out for its high quality, aside from the elegance of their pieces that are easily adjusted to the requirements of the most demanding modern kitchens.


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Touch-proof quality

One of the characteristic signatures of Gaggenau is their strict quality control based on a rigorous inspection performed, literally, by experts. “The artisans,” as they call themselves, use technology to assemble the pieces that are exposed to rigorous test methodologies. However, the experts dedicated to test and inspect each equipment before it leaves the factory have the last word. And that detail precisely makes a difference.


La Cuisine International


Warmth and professionalism

The work performed in the kitchen is more sophisticated nowadays. Many cooking shows and publications have brought chefs’ techniques closer to family tables, making home cooks demand more from themselves every day. That search for perfection no only relates to top quality food, but also to equipment that allows the implementation of top quality techniques.

The appliances from Gaggenau are designed to comply with the demands of any gourmet cuisine chef: durability, high-traffic resistance, top quality materials that offer safety to the user to reduce the probabilities of accidents to the minimum… all that considering the aesthetics demanded by a sophisticated kitchen.

Elegance and discretion

The main character is the dish, not the kitchen. The trends aim at displaying a colorful, developed, and artistic aesthetic in the dishes, not in the kitchen.

Giving center stage to the food that has the leading role in the culinary activity makes the implements used to prepare the dishes remain in the background, at least visually speaking. Gaggenau is a brand that merges these principles to perfection, just as the clean and elegant aesthetic of their lines shows. The appliances from this brand perfectly combine the handleless and recessed systems to show a smooth surface to the viewer.

Even though the German brand is proud to have been founded more than 300 years ago, it doesn’t leave anything to chance and bets on evolving to satisfy – as it has done so far- the taste of the most demanding and avantgarde customers.


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