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The Vario Deep Fryer 400 turns frying into something worthy of high-class cuisine. As usual, Gaggenau takes culinary processes to a higher level, full of elegance, innovation and, above all, quality. This is the case of the fryer that belongs to the 400 Series from Gaggenau Appliances.

Everyone seems to have a prejudice against the culinary technique of frying. Whether it’s due to its effects over our health or regarding the cleaning work required in the kitchen, many prefer to avoid it. But the truth is that not everything about it is negative and Gaggenau gives us a new tool to get all the flavor and crunchy texture typical of frying, reducing the effects that you want to avoid.

The benefits of installing a fryer at home are diverse since it is an effective tool in a high-traffic kitchen. If social gatherings are frequent in your home or if you have children, frying is a technique that provides tasty, fast, and fun food, and the Vario Deep Fryer 400 by Gaggenau allows you to get these benefits without the risk of burns, spills and smoke that would transform a happy moment into a disaster.

 Depth and temperature make all the difference

Contrary to what many may think, an abundant amount of oil determines how healthy frying is. In order for a food to be fried with less harm to the people who consume it, it’s advisable to use an abundant amount of oil, enough for the food to be completely covered with this liquid. This will slow down the burning process and release the toxins that, aside from altering the taste, have harmful effects on the body. Also, an oil that has not been burned can be reused, which favors the economy in the kitchen.

The fryer Vario Deep Fryer 400 by Gaggenau has a basin with a capacity of 3.5 liters that ensures that food can be fried with the amount of oil and space needed to avoid those awful black particles that come from burned oil.

Regarding the temperature, when the oil exceeds its boiling point and burns, its color and smell change and it oxidizes, thus altering – as we already mentioned – the taste and quality of the food. And when it isn’t hot enough, food absorbs more oil, becoming greasy, less crunchy, and in many cases, the result is food that is golden on the outside, but raw in the center.

The secret to successful frying is temperature control. This is what makes potatoes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside or a vegetable prepared Tempura style have that caramelized flavor that everyone wants to try. Gaggenau understands the importance of being in control, and for that reason the Vario Deep Fryer 400 has an exact temperature control that keeps it stable throughout the cooking process, so you no longer have to worry about burns.


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Clean, dry, and safe

Say goodbye to oil sparks throughout the kitchen, fat residue all over, oil-damaged utensils, charred pans, sudden high flames that cause panic in the kitchen, smoke that sets the fire alarms on and the unpleasant scent of frying permeating the walls and curtains. That’s the horror movie that goes through the minds of all mothers when their kids ask them for French fries for lunch, but it can have a “happy ending” with the Vario Deep Fryer 400. The miracle is based on its electrical system: without gas there is no possibility for encountering the scary flames that arise when sparks of oil fall over a burner.

Temperature control prevents the oil from burning and therefore eliminates the possible smoke that leaves its scent around the house for days. The stainless-steel frying basket is the safest way to introduce and remove food from hot oil without the risk of burns, oil sparks and accidents.

The recessed design of the fryer avoids all the complications that this equipment normally has, in addition to adding a touch of elegance that Gaggenau always brings to the kitchen, and it is worth mentioning that cleaning the basin is quite easy and fast since it is nonstick. What is the kitchen but the center of enjoyment of the home? With that in mind, Gaggenau provides one more tool to enjoy good food in a safe and practical way, and as always, with plenty of class.





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