Freddy: the ally of freshness that Irinox brings to your home


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Since food storage is one of the main causes of stress in the kitchen, Irinox decided to bring into the homes an ally that guarantees that you can preserve fresh food longer: Freddy.

So, Freddy is the first blast chiller designed for home use. This ingenious appliance is proof of how highly technological kitchens have become today.

Freddy not only thaws food, but also keeps it at cold or hot temperatures, or even cooks it at low temperatures, so that you have meals ready when you need them. In short, an all-in-one that will be the ally you have always dreamed about in the kitchen.


La Cuisine International


9 Steps to preserve the properties of your food

Thanks to its simple line design, Freddy is a device that can be incorporated into any kitchen. In brushed steel with a matte black handle or black glass with an anodized steel handle, this product can be customized with any material from the De Castelli range, which will add more style to your kitchen.

But, if this is not so important to you, we can say that Freddy comes with 9 functions whose goal are to preserve the flavor and vitamins of each food. What are these functions? Here are the details:

• Blaster: This function allows you to maintain the freshness of your food for up to a week. Freddy can cool food in just over an hour, which helps preserve the organoleptic properties.
• Shock freeze: Imagine being able to keep your food in perfect condition for 6 months or more. This function allows you to store vegetables from the orchard and seasonal products.
• Controlled thaw: This refers to Freddy defrosting foods at the ideal speed, without exposing it to bacteria or without cooking the outside.
• Custom quick cooling: Fast cooling can be customized. Cool down quickly the wine or other drinks (at the temperature you prefer) for your parties with Freddy.
• Low-temperature cooking: With this function you can heat the food without it losing softness, texture, color and natural flavor.
• Refresh: This function will be your favorite. Just program Freddy with the time when you will be home so that your food is hot when you arrive.
• Maintain the temperature: Freddy can become your best ally for celebrations at home. With this function you will be able to keep the food at an ideal temperature without drying it. By combining this function with others, you can reheat lunch or dinner when you need it.
• Proof: As if all the above wasn’t enough, this function will help you make homemade bread and pizzas. Freddy’s fermentation cycle will allow you to put the dough at a constant temperature to make it rise faster.


La Cuisine International

In addition to all of that, this appliance, fully made in stainless-steel, is equipped with a probe that controls the core temperature of the food and a user-friendly touch control panel.

In sum, Irinox not only brings -through Freddy- the secrets of a professional kitchen into your home, but also puts at your disposal a device that will help you save money and plan everything related to the purchase of food.


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