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Franke knows that form must follow function. This brand’s great secret is the design of innovative solutions for the home with the Swiss quality that characterizes them, taking care of the aesthetics and providing confidence and durability in all its products.


Since its establishment in 1911 by Hermann Franke, this company has evolved with technology while maintaining its quality standards and adapting to the demands of its growing and modern clientele.



Successful growth


What began in 1911 with Hermann Franke as a simple metal workshop in the small town of Rorschach has grown solidly and steadily. Today, the Franke Group has a spectacular headquarters in the city of Aalborg, where it manages more than 9,000 employees at diverse locations around the world.


The reason for such growth is the unquestionable quality of its products and its particular customer service management. The company is a pioneer in the development of stainless-steel industrial kitchens, with the stainless-steel sink as its first mass-market item.


Hermann Franke’s handcrafted production became massive in 1939 when the company had less than 100 employees. Over time, what started as a small business soon became a family legacy that was later transformed into a large industrial group with a worldwide presence.


Simple but effective


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Franke‘s style is based on refining its products to the point of making them simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use, without sacrificing aesthetics and efficiency. Robust, durable, and sustainable products with maximum functionality in which design accompanies quality without being the final goal.


Franke believes that aesthetics is important, but the brand doesn’t forget that its main objective is to make life easier for its users. This is why “form follows function” is more than a motto, it is a commitment.


This brand offers a variety of products classified into three main categories: Franke Home Solutions, which offers smart kitchen systems for all types of cooking enthusiasts , from amateur cooks to the most experienced ones. Then, Franke Foodservice Systems offers solutions for catering services: from production line planning to customer service. And finally, Franke Coffee Systems, a line of coffee machines for home or business use.


As you can see,  Franke is a brand that has evolved thanks to the undisputed quality of its products and continues to expand its horizons to offer more high-level solutions in the culinary world.


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