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The disposal of food waste in the kitchen is a real concern for housewives, because it is a source of mold, insects, odors, dirt, and bacteria. When choosing the one that will be your best ally, take into account the five guidelines that a good food grinder should have.

1. Compact size

Waste disposers should be taken into account when designing the kitchen; however, their size should not be a limitation for their installation. This detail seems trivial, but it’s not. For that reason, it is advisable to choose a disposal unit that occupies the minimum possible space so as to maintain the functionality of the cabinet in which it will be housed.

2. Heavy-duty materials

A stainless nozzle and a reliable tank are indispensable. Permanent contact with water and possible pipe obstructions are a high risk of rust, therefore a good material, even if it supposes a slight increase in the cost of the equipment, will be a great long-term investment.

3. Safety for all

First and foremost a waste disposer should be safe, so it should not have any superficial blades that could be harmful for users when dropping waste in them. Usually, they feature a safety ring and then the blade system, which must be a considerable distance from the connection to the sink drain.

4. Power, silence, and speed

Speed is essential. The disposal unit cannot slow-down the culinary process, at the same time, an adequate power in the cut and crushing of the food will guarantee that no obstructions occur in the pipe system. Waste should be transformed into powder, so that it does not cause obstructions or contamination. Therefore, power is essential, and this process must be as quiet as possible so as to not disturb the pleasant conversations that arise during food preparation.

5. Friendly with the environment

Minimum energy consumption, the lowest sonic pollution, maximum reduction of waste, and the possibility of discriminating waste so as to not accept metal objects, are ecological elements that, without a doubt, you must take into account when choosing your new disposer.


La Cuisine International


Discovering the first-rate options offered by our brands, Franke and Kindred, is always a good idea. These will undoubtedly improve the hygiene of your kitchen and make the process of scrapping leftovers easier.

Decisions about the equipment in our kitchens, although they may seem simple, deserve some time to consider, to always guarantee the best conditions to be a five-star chef!


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