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In recent years, the kitchen has become the center of our social life, leaving behind those days when guests were practically forbidden to enter the kitchen. Today, it’s trendy to cook in front of our guests, whether you are the star, or you bring a chef to prepare a special meal.


The latter is even a fun activity that allows your guests to participate by helping prepare each dish. This is why the new trends in design and decoration point to open spaces and workstations with central islands.


So, if you like to follow the trends and your kitchen is an island, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the appropriate choice of an extractor hood. So, the appliance should be functional, and visually appealing, because it will become a decorative element in the kitchen.


But let’s look at a practical case. Let’s say that your kitchen has no smoke outlet, you choose an extractor hood with a recirculation system, and you wonder what the best option might be. The answer is simple: Dama by Falmec.




Tailor-made for your dream kitchen


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Dama, which stands for lady in Spanish, is an efficient and aesthetic solution that will add that special touch that your kitchen needs. This Falmec kitchen extractor hood is easy to install, very powerful, and doesn’t need any suction tubes for the air. In this way, the brand presents us with this island-design extractor hood that works with the traditional metal filter (removable and washable) and a combined reusable Zeo activated carbon filter, which is the one that purifies odors.


Additionally, it has a perimeter suction system with a tempered glass panel, which makes the extraction of air, fumes, or any odor in your kitchen complete. So, the extractor Dama will absorb all environmental odors to purify them, even if they don’t come directly from your cooktop, thanks to the centrifugal force of its system that will send the purified air in all directions.


The extractor hood Dama also features integrated LED lights (4×1.2 W- 4200 K) that will illuminate not only your work area but also complement your decor, and it can serve perfectly as the main light in the kitchen.


Falmec designed this extractor hood to satisfy the most refined tastes. Its stylized lines adapt to any environment. As designers say, a circle is considered perfection, and perfection is simplicity, so the curvilinear shape of this hood will bring harmony and symmetry, as well as a touch of refinement, to your kitchen.


Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, this extractor hood has the ideal numbers: its net weight is 21 kg, it has a volume of 0.22 m3 and its dimensions are 775 mm long, 705 mm high, and 410 mm deep.


As if that wasn’t enough, the model Dama by Falmec has another attribute you’ll love. This extractor hood is quiet, reaching a maximum noise of 67 dB. To give you an idea, at its maximum, the noise produced is the equivalent of a person’s voice talking to us from a meter away. In short, Dama is an Italian-design kitchen extractor hood with state-of-the-art technology that will turn your kitchen into the star of your home.


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