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Today, when the characters of Game of Thrones are the center of almost any conversation, there is a fact that is indisputable: the throne of extractor hoods in the kingdom of kitchens belongs to Faber and its creations.

The Italian brand whose history began in a small workshop, today is one of the most prestigious companies in the world thanks to the intelligent combination of quality materials, innovation, functionality, and design in each of the appliances they manufacture.

Thanks to the great knowledge acquired along the years producing extractor hoods, Faber has turned these appliances into extremely important devices in any kitchen in terms of home technology and design. But if there is an aspect that kitchen lovers can thank the Faber label for, it would be for completely changing the old perception that the extractor hood was a synonym for noise.

Thus, Faber’s catalogue includes extractor hoods that go from the most sophisticated -in terms of design and materials- to the most advanced whose technology and shape are integrated to the orchestration of the kitchen in such a way that only its user knows the powerful ally it has, since the same operates almost silently.


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Just an example…

Let’s use the models NICE LED SRM X/V A90 and COCKTAIL ALMOND A80 EV8 as an example. They both have the basic characteristics of the creations made by Faber: beauty, durability, cutting-edge technology, design, and high-quality materials.

The NICE LED SRM X/V A90 is a wall-mounted extractor hood that combines to perfection glass and stainless-steel. With a minimalist and elegant design, this extractor hood fits perfectly into any kitchen whose focus is simple and neat.

With its LED illumination (LV 4000K) you will be able to visualize what you are cooking, while you can select the level of extraction you need through its control buttons. Something interesting about it: when operating at its maximum extraction level (420 m3h) this appliance has a noise level of 68db.


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On the other hand, the beautiful and very modern COCKTAIL ALMOND A80 EV8 is almost a work of art. Avant-garde design and technology are the features that can certainly describe this extractor hood made by Faber.

The COCKTAIL ALMOND A80 EV8 has a double panel in glass that, in its white or black version, makes it a genuine design appliance for your kitchen. Equipped with an Energy engine, which guarantees great suction capacity and exceptional levels of silence, this extractor hood comes with electronic touch controls that end up giving it a very 21st century look.

So, if you are still debating about the noble houses and characters of Game of Thrones, don’t worry. At least you already know that when it comes to the Kingdom of kitchens there is only one caste that has been tested for years in the battle of design and technology. So, as Daenerys Targaryen would say if “sitting on a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one,” Faber has already won the battle.


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