Faber SkyLift: an extractor hood that brings “up & down” technology to the kitchen


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Seeing an extractor hood like the model SkyLift by Faber is simply breathtaking, because it’s witnessing a new level of evolution in terms of technology for one of the most important appliances you can have in the kitchen. The fact that SkyLift, the only built-in extractor hood that descends over the cooking surface is another invention of the creators of kitchen extractor hoods, takes this device to another level.

Initially launched at the Eurocucina-FTK, Salone del Mobile 2014, in Milan, this high-performance built-in extractor hood was acclaimed for being an innovative proposal that combines the versatility of up & down technology with the elegance of integrated models. Once again, Faber takes center stage with this hood, aside from introducing a highly technological appliance with a clean and sophisticated design to the kitchen.


When ethics and technology come together

SkyLift is the dream extractor hood of any architect or interior designer. This extractor hood that is built-in into the ceiling descends gently over the hob thanks to 4 thin steel wires. This “up & down” technology from Faber simply implies that you have to press a button for the hood to return to its initial position when you finish using it.

However, the best aspect about this new “up & down” technology is that it allows you to decide the height where you want the extractor hood. And that offers you high performance in terms of extraction and lighting.

This appliance, which is a clear reflection of the latest design trends, is made of white glass and has a clean and elegant design with an ultralight and dynamic appearance. Also, the hood comes with integrated powerful LED bars at the bottom that provide excellent illumination and a low energy consumption (only 7 watts).

Practical and functional, Faber included the best of technology and aesthetics at the service of extraction in this hood, which of course turns it into a masterpiece for open design kitchens. Besides, at a time when built-in appliances are a must, SkyLift creates the perfect balance for any kitchen style.


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Quick facts

While SkyLift isn’t the first up & down extractor hood manufactured by Faber, (Kaleidos, Vanilla and Heaven Glass have the same technology), this model has been the pet project of the Research and Development Center at Faber. In fact, the center has spent quite some time perfecting the energy efficiency and ease of use aspects, which of course have made this appliance one of a kind.

SkyLift is a 90 x 64 cm extractor hood that combines stainless-steel and white glass. It has electronic LED lighting controls, LED  lateral light and dishwasher-safe grease filter cassettes.

This powerful extractor hood offers 4 speeds plus intensive speed function. Its noise level is absolutely remarkable: maximum speed: 62 dB (A) and intensive speed, 69 dB (A).

As if that wasn’t enough, the intensive extraction function can be operated with a timer, while the maximum extraction option lasts 10 minutes. That’s enough time to manage particularly intense cooking and prevent odors from disturbing the environment. Also, the appliance is equipped with a filter alarm (a system that warns you when it’s time to clean the anti-grease filter or replace the anti-odor filter) and a remote control.

So, if you  thought that having a 100% ecological and tasteful kitchen was an impossible mission, Faber shows you that’s not the case, you just need to choose the correct extractor hood.


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