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They may usually be used as synonyms, but the truth is that hood, extractor, and purifier are three different things. We will explain how they are used, their differences and which one is the best for your kitchen.

There are those who call the kitchen extractor a hood because it sounds more modern, when the truth is that these are devices with different functions.  First of all, the hood sucks in the air from the kitchen and expels it to the outside through a special pipeline that, in some houses, are none other than the fireplaces. Thus, these are ideal for large and regularly active kitchens.

On the other hand, the purifier -also called purifier hood or filter hood- cleans the air and absorbs the odors in it to return it (through recirculation) clean to the kitchen. This is ideal for closed spaces.

Like the other two appliances, the extractor brings the exterior fresh air into the kitchen through its pipes. It can be said that it’s the modern version of the hood because it performs the same functions, and also cleanses the air, which makes it a two-in-one device. Its performance is better in small places and it offers an economical installation compared to the others.

Faber with the best in terms of extraction technology and aesthetics

Let’s say that, although it is spacious, your kitchen it’s not an area where you prepare food for an army. Now let’s add another detail: it has an avant-garde style, with modern and sophisticated lines, so you cannot choose any extractor, which in this case is the appliance that suits you best. So, you need something stylish that also offers you all the benefits of this appliance.

Having said that, let’s us introduce to you the wall-mounted hood Cocktail by Faber. This appliance is certainly a bet of the brand to provide a wall-mounted appliance that uses its most advanced extraction technology. This state-of-the-art appliance not only has a sober aesthetic, that can fit into any kitchen style, but also offers a variety of color options ranging from black to almond grey.

The device made of double glass comes with LED lights that illuminate the cooking area efficiently. The unit can be operated thanks to a touch control, through which you can adjust both the light and the speed and intensity of the device.


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A functional and quiet cocktail

The delayed shutdown function of the Cocktail hood is one of its attractive features. This allows the engine to turn off automatically 30 minutes after you finish cooking, which will remove residual odors from your kitchen.

One of the things that concerns the most those who buy an extractor is the power/noise ratio. Fortunately, this extractor is not only beautiful aesthetically speaking, but its perimeter aspiration panel reduces perceived sound by 25% (which is equal to a 3dB reduction).

Also, its extraction method guarantees optimized effectiveness as it takes advantage of the principle of the Venturi effect. That is, the air accelerates as it passes through the restricted removal space of the panel and immediately decreases inside the hood, to be then easily expelled, without the need for any particular pressure level.

A great advantage of this device is the double aspiration. This is possible thanks to the overlapping of its glass parts that guarantee a more effective operation.

Another function that you will be interested to know about this device is the intensive speed. This particular speed activates maximum extraction for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs and clean odors quickly. So, this Faber extractor is all you could dream of for your kitchen.


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