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Cooking like a chef is now much easier with the Ideal Workstation® 5S from the American brand  The Galley,  leaders in the innovation of industrial kitchens. This brand manufactures a complete line of super functional, smart and elegant workstations where you can prepare, cook, serve, entertain and clean, all in one place and just like a professional.

But what are workstations? They are spaces designed according to the different tasks that are performed when you cook. Therefore, they intend to take full advantage of the areas, organizing them so that the sequence of work is smooth, and the cleaning process is fast and efficient. Whether you have to cook for a large family or a gathering with friends, you will certainly appreciate having the good organization that this appliance can offer.

One thing not everyone knows is that the classic system used to organize the big kitchens of hotels and restaurants was established by Auguste Escoffier, who implemented “the brigade system” in his kitchens to guarantee speed, hygiene, good taste and the best presentation of the dishes, among other things. Today, every kitchen is a world that is governed by the rules dictated by the chef; however, those rules are based on Escoffier’s work. 


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Versatility and organization

Considering that The Galley created this system to offer home chefs some kind professional organization, you will find in the Ideal Workstation® 5S is a stainless-steel 5-seats workstation manufactured in one piece with TrueEdge™ design. This is a versatile dual-level design, in which culinary tools slide above and below each other, as well as on the upper and lower levels of it. This saves space, so you can perform several tasks without having to move in the kitchen.

Is there any way to explain how easy it is to prepare food to be cooked in the Ideal Workstation® 5S? How much time you save and what you gain in terms of organization and speed? With this workstation, you can prepare, cut, mix, and serve in the same space and clean it easily. This station can be located where your kitchen dishwasher or sink goes or, if you wish, it can be part of your outdoor kitchen. The Ideal Workstation® 5S is so versatile that it adapts to your needs.

It has a reversible basin with side drain, which is protected by an elevated cover that hides the drain while allowing water to flow freely. In addition to being functional, it is a piece whose elegance and beauty is due to the fact that the finish is fully personalized and handmade. This guarantees less wear and easy maintenance and cleaning. It comes in 4 colors you can choose from: Natural Golden Bamboo (wood color), Graphite Wood Composite (Black), Grey Resin (Grey) and White Resin (white).

La Ideal Workstation® 5S also comes with the following accessories:

  • Two (2) dual tier cutting boards 17″ x 18″
  • One (1) dual tier drying rack 17″ x 18″
  • Two (2) dual-tier platforms 17″ x 18″
  • Two (2) colanders with non-slip handles
  • Two (2) containers with lid and non-slip bottom

However, you will be able to customize it with other accessories that The Galley offers you, which will help you have a station based on your creativity or needs.


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