Enjoy pleasurable mornings with Gaggenau’s 400 Series automatic coffee machines


Gaggenau’s 400

Drinking coffee is almost a lifestyle. A whole culture has been developed around this beverage in our modern world, and the same serves as a reason to meet up with friends or to take a break.


For many, the smell of freshly brewed coffee prepared before we even get dressed is part of a daily ritual, and its seductive aroma often becomes an omen of good beginnings.


In the past, preparing a good cup of coffee wasn’t easy, it required the right touch to please everyone. Today, it is possible to prepare excellent coffee, without being an expert and with the quality of any specialized establishment. And the most important thing is that we can prepare any type of coffee, not only the classic espresso or regular coffee with milk.


To contribute to this ritual and lifestyle, Gaggenau’s 400 Series automatic coffee machines are perfect. They allow you to customize every beverage since you can select the grinding degree, coffee strength, water temperature, size, and coffee-milk ratio.



A barista at your service

Having one of these Gaggenau coffee machines is like having a barista at home. You can also save every configuration or recipe for future use with the touch of a button.


And we are not joking when we say you’ll have a barista at home because this machine can prepare up to 8 different types of coffee from a macchiato to a traditional latte. It even grinds the coffee beans for a full experience and has an empty grinding function that allows you to switch between different types of beans, without mixing them.


Gaggenau’s 400


With a design that adapts to all modern kitchen trends and styles, this is an automatic coffee machine made of stainless steel that comes in two colors: gray (Anthracite) and black. It also has an intuitive TFT touchscreen with more than 44 languages to interact with the user.

But the best thing is that this appliance has an automatic cleaning and descaling program, as well as other benefits in this area. After each preparation with milk as an ingredient, the system is automatically cleaned with steam. Wonderful, isn’t it? A coffee machine with so many benefits will become a must-have.

As you can see, we have given you the perfect excuse to show off your passion for coffee, and we know that you will fall in love with this Gaggenau 400 Series automatic coffee machine.


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