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When you have a workstation like the 5S by The Galley in front of you, you understand that the true use of a sink is not just washing, but cutting, serving, and assembling. With the help of this system, your kitchen is transformed into a functional space that allows you to be the best host in the world.


The reason behind it is simple. The Ideal Workstations by The Galley takes your sink to another dimension through a piece of ingenious equipment made up of levels and accessories ready to reinvent this space in your kitchen.


While you may have space available in the countertops, there’s nothing like the sink to set up either a small bar or beverage center, with nothing spilling; or a well-organized station to wash, chop, and serve. Simply put, with a Workstation like the 5S by The Galley your kitchen will be a limitless and versatile space capable of adapting to every gathering or need.


From kitchen island to host space

Just as the islands have become a standard in open-concept kitchens, facing guests while performing different tasks has become an art. However, this is precisely when a workstation like the model 5S by The Galley shines, even if the receiving sink is in front of it.


In some open kitchens, the sink is located on the center island to transform this space into an area to gather around with others. This position allows a system like the Ideal Workstations 5S to stand out as the perfect catering station or beverage center for guests to serve themselves as they please.


Additionally, the layout allows this system created by The Galley to add more functionality to the kitchen, as it doesn’t detract from the work area for complex preparations or countertop space.


La Cuisine International


A kitchen assistant with the perfect measurements


The Ideal Workstations 5S is a 57.5″ wide modular unit that offers a workspace for 1 or 2 people. Equipped with single or double bowl options, it has a basic 7-piece culinary kit that includes: two-tier cutting boards, two-tier drying racks, 11″ colander, and an 11″ bowl with lid.


But the best thing about it is that The Galley allows you to customize this workstation according to your preferences. The brand offers additional accessories such as knife block, serving set, condiment serving board, etc. All this is designed so that your workstation can be perfectly adapted to the situation or type of meeting you have, making this system the assistant with the perfect measurements that your kitchen so badly needs.


As for the materials and the system in general, you should know that the company has rigorous quality standards, so The Galley workstations and accessories are designed and tested at their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Each system is made of stainless steel which will be combined, depending on the finish you choose, with either matte black graphite wood composite, or natural bamboo wood, or white or gray resin. So you can perfectly match any of these options with the design of your kitchen.


One of the best features of The Galley workstations aside from the moving parts and its incredible number of accessories is its “Angel Finish” that will resist water stains, most scratches and will never tarnish.


Made of marine-grade 316L stainless steel, these workstations can be placed outdoors since they are incredibly easy to clean with a non-abrasive cleaner and a stainless-steel spray to restore their shine. So if the workstation gets scratched from use, it can be restored by sanding.


As you can see, once you put one of these incredible working systems in your kitchen, you won’t get rid of it. And not just because of how useful it will be, but because of the durability, and the range of possibilities it will offer you.



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