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The outdoor kitchen has an undisputed king: Coyote. This brand that has made enjoying the outdoors the center of their business, has in its catalog a vast variety of options perfectly adaptable to the space, needs, and tastes of the user.

A great example is the Coyote Power Burner, an appliance whose versatility will add an extra point to the brand’s leadership when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Simmering hamburger meat, boiling lobster or any other requirement needed by an equipment of great power and quality, are some of the most outstanding qualities of the Coyote Power Burner.

This Coyote equipment will surprise you and your guests by allowing you to turn your outdoor kitchen into a fireplace with nothing to envy from a luxury restaurant. Why? We’ll tell you why.

International flavors in your backyard

Why limit outdoor cooking to hamburgers, pizzas or grilling? Coyote understood that outdoor cooking is a pleasure that shouldn’t have limitations and therefore, made their Power Burner an equipment capable of satisfying the demands that international dishes require.

Just imagine being able to enjoy a good salmon, chopped chicken with vegetables, veal sirloin, or prawns made teppanyaki style at home. Well, the Power Burner can be the ally that your outdoor kitchen needs for that purpose.

The accessories of this appliance include a teppanyaki plate that will not only add versatility to those outdoor cooking times, but it will also help you give a complete turn to your food in terms of flavor.

Besides, if you love Oriental cuisine, you can also buy the wok that comes as an accessory to the Coyote Power Burner. The high-quality stainless steel of this skillet will allow you to make anything from sautéed vegetables to rice.


The power to be convenient

One of the main attractions of this Coyote appliance is the fact that you can simmer a delicious sauce or meat, since the Power Burner allows you to place the fire at about 1,000 BTU. But, if on the contrary, what you need is power, the same appliance will give you 60,000 BTU of muscle to cook. Also, the equipment can be purchased to be used with either natural gas or propane.

So, it happens that power, durability, and sophistication are qualities that are included in the equipment of this brand that has rightfully earned the lead in terms of outdoor cooking.


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