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Small spaces, lack of time, or even bad weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying Sunday barbecues with family and friends, and especially, from having a sophisticated Coyote grill. How could that be possible? Easy! Their Electric Grill is the perfect solution for all the inconveniences we’ve already mentioned.

Their Electric Grill has the same elegant and attractive presentation of other grills from Coyote, but it was especially designed to be conveniently placed on a table, pedestal, an island, or even a counter. That means it is perfect for small spaces or even for those who want to grill on a rainy day, which allows you to enjoy this invitation from Coyote to enjoy outdoor cooking at home.

With this innovative launch, the brand hopes to attract followers in urban spaces and promote the model C1EL120SM as the ideal option for apartments and small homes.


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Its charm

The Electric Grill C1EL120SM has a 156 square inch Teflon coated cooking area with 304 stainless steel and Ceramic flavorizer. Among its interesting features is the 60-minute safety timer with surge protector. The grill has a 550 degrees F maximum temperature and comes with an SKU for its different versions (portable, built-in or pedestal).

Besides, just like any other grill model from Coyote, the Electric Grill offers a series of accessories that every user can get to personalize its appliance according to its needs.


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Tips to take advantage of your grill

Certainly, an electric grill isn’t the same thing as a coal or gas-fired grill, but an electric model can be as useful and provide you with as many enjoyable moments as the others. With that in mind, here are a series of tips that can help you take advantage of this appliance.

• Preheat. The first thing to do is to heat the grill to its maximum temperature, at least 10 or 15 minutes, before placing any type of meat (red or white) on top of it.
• Prefer lean meat cuts. Yes, we know the natural grease of the meat makes all the difference, but electric grills don’t need it, and this will in turn benefit your health.
• Every meat cut requires a specific temperature. Temperature varies depending on the cut. Again, lean meat cuts are the ideal kind in this case and the time will depend on how well you like your meat cooked. Generally, red meat requires no less than 40 minutes to be cooked.
• Never cold. This is an important reminder. If you place the meat on top of a cold grill you will never achieve a good result since the meat will begin cooking while the grill is preheating. The result? Overcooked meat.
• Two turns are enough. When it comes to coal or gas-fired grills the number of times the meat is turned over is the trick for a good barbecue. The opposite is the case for electric grills. Just a couple of turns are enough to guarantee appropriate cooking and the juiciness of the meat.
• Use the pliers. Using forks or skewers when placing the meat in the grill or while it’s cooking is a mistake. The best choice is to always use pliers to turn it over, since this would keep the meat from losing its juices and drying up.
• Sealing. Something you can master to perfection with this type of grill is sealing meat. You can place a big chunk of meat (2 pounds maximum) and seal it by turning it over using the pliers and then, select the meat and take advantage of its juiciness.

We hope these tips help your cooking and encourage you to be seduced by the magic of this brand and its amazing grills.


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