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Steam ovens have provided home-made food with that gourmet finish typical of restaurant dishes. This type of oven offers the advantages of conventional ovens but has the additional characteristics of this new concept of cooking by wrapping the food in dry steam, which allows it to maintain humidity, its properties, and enhance flavor.

If you want to surprise your guests with a delicious stewed meat or bake one of those special breads, the help of a steam oven will be essential since it will guarantee that your food will turn out crunchy and juicy.

However, the gourmet taste is not the only thing that this type of oven has brought to modern kitchens. Steaming offers a more natural and healthy way to prepare food, and for that reason this appliance is one of the most requested when it comes to the design of modern kitchens.


La Cuisine International


The art of baking

Smeg knows that the secret for excellent baking is steam. The water molecules conduct the heat in the air through the food, which makes bread, pizza, fish, or meat cook fully without drying up. In that sense, the combination ovens of the brand add the exact amount of water needed for each baking with an innovative suction tube that allows the extraction of water. Then, the steam is injected directly into the oven cavity, where a fan makes it circulate evenly. The result? Food cooked to perfection.

In sum, Smeg offers to the users of these ovens the secrets that only great chefs master about steam cooking, through a selection of functions that allowed them to add or decrease humidity to the cooking process to obtain a gourmet result.


La Cuisine International


Smeg recipes

Focusing on helping the users of its ovens to take advantage of their functionalities, Smeg has designed a recipe book that focuses on obtaining the best results in the preparation of the recipes that combine Italian and international culinary tradition.

This recipe book, that includes 75 recipes, can be acquired for free just by registering on Smeg’s webpage (recipe book). Some conditions apply for its acquisition; the main condition is owning one of the specific models of steam ovens of the brand (see models included in the promotion)

As if that wasn’t enough, this type of oven reduces cooking time and energy consumption, which makes them an important piece for any modern home. We couldn’t ask for more.


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