Coca-Cola and Smeg team up in a “Unity” version of the iconic FAB28


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The fact that Smeg and Coca-Cola have teamed up to create a limited edition of the iconic FAB28 refrigerator, doesn’t come as a surprise. This appliance from the famous Italian brand has become a pop star in the kitchen, and all the big names want to be next to it.


However, “Unity” is not just another collaboration. This limited-edition refrigerator with a seventies aesthetic celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic ads in Coca-Cola’s history: Harmony. In it, a group of young people of different ethnicities and countries summoned the Age of Aquarius by singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” and holding a bottle of the famous beverage in their hands.


The Unity version of Smeg’s iconic FAB28 is a refrigerator featuring psychedelic fonts, citrus bold colors, the peace symbol, and the word ‘Love’. For Smeg, the design of this new limited-edition refrigerator “is a combination of the retro style characteristic of this line, the celebration of the undeniable influence of a pop icon like Coca-Cola, and the revolutionary impact of its 1971 Harmony commercial.”


The FAB28 ‘Unity’ design rescues part of the brand principles that Coca-Cola used in the ’70s. Love, peace, and fun, in general, have been captured in this limited-edition appliance that embodies the spirit of inclusion, diversity, and optimism for which the Harmony commercial is remembered.


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Efficient on the inside, beautiful on the outside

On the inside, the FAB28 ‘Unity’ maintains the highest quality design that distinguishes the brand. The refrigerator has a top freezer with enough power to preserve food and keep food well frozen.

This appliance also has a chrome-plated bottle holder, a “Life plus” drawer for food preservation, and a drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables at the right temperature. Additionally, the refrigerator has a large capacity (270 liters) and a multi-flow cooling system to ensure the ideal temperature and humidity for food storage.


The Smeg FAB28 ‘Unity’ is a combination of style with high-performance technology, which is why the brand made sure that this appliance also has a threaded thermostat to regulate its temperature levels and LED interior lighting. (See also Don’t be afraid to give a vintage touch to the kitchen).



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