Clear Ice Machine by U-Line: your best friend for the summer


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The high temperatures typical of summer are reason enough for you to acquire a new best friend that allows you to cool down the extreme heat, and the new Clear Ice Machine by U-Line seems to be the solution. It arrives at your kitchen, entertainment center or outdoor area with the amazing ability to make ice without noise, almost permanently and with the highest quality, so there is no excuse to shy away from a refreshing juice or cocktail.

But this appliance isn’t just about ice, it’s about perfect, crystal clear cubes that are ideal to accompany your drinks this summer. The Clear Ice Machine by U-Line produces up to 60 pounds of these cubes almost unnoticeably with an almost noise-free operation.

Having an ice machine at home is no longer a luxury accessory, it’s an element that simplifies and lights up the tasks done in the kitchen, offering great comfort in social gatherings. Ice may be available on the spot to keep cool the bottles of sparkling wines opened, serve drinks, cocktails or beverages and even have the ice available to serve food that must be kept cool on the table to extend its quality, such as ceviche and cold products. 

An efficient friend

As we already mentioned, the Clear Ice Machine is impressive enough to produce up to 60 pounds of clear ice cubes a day, but in addition to producing them, it can store up to 30 pounds of ice. This appliance has a gravity drainage system to remove excess water without leaving traces, and if the location of the appliance doesn’t allow it by default, it can be extended by installing the compatible drainage pump of the same line.

The Clear Ice Machine also comes with a fairly easy cleaning system that takes only 45 minutes and the user will know when it will be needed thanks to the indicator sign that notifies when it is time to do so.

Besides, this ice machine is smart. It can be controlled through a U-select control panel with digital display where ice production and cube clarity can be regulated, and even up to 3 hours of stand-by, which guarantees absolute silence when ice production is on hold.


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Warm design, icy effectiveness

The performance precision of the Clear Ice Machine by U-Line is based on a design that fits perfectly to the area in which it will be installed (recessed). The exterior can be presented in stainless-steel or it can be coated according to the user’s taste. It has a stainless-steel handlebar that can also be removed, and the hinges are adaptable to the desired door rotation.

When it comes to the interior, it has a dark color and LED theater lighting that makes its use easier. To serve the ice, the Clear Ice Machine features a highly resistant spoon in clear acrylic and also has an inner grille that can be conveniently moved from front to back or from top to bottom.

So, with so many advantages, at the moment of installing a Clear Ice Machine at home the only concern will be to enjoy the summer and make it memorable.



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