Caliber’s Rockwell, the first 360-degree Social Grill


Rockwell de Caliber


Caliber’s Rockwell grill is the world’s first 360-degree Social Grill™. No, we’re not exaggerating. This equipment will allow you to grill or barbecue on a Sunday while chatting with your guests without missing a single detail.


Anyone who has been the grill master on a summer Sunday knows that, although being a satisfactory job, it also keeps you away from fully joining the fun part of any gathering. Yes, the grill master is the star of the afternoon, but the designated individual is usually focused on cooking.


Well, that’s a thing of the past. This wonderful piece of equipment, designed exclusively for one of Rockwell Group’s projects -an award-winning architecture and interdisciplinary design firm- is a complete and powerful appliance that will change the way you barbecue with family and friends.


Why, you ask? The details shared below will explain everything.


Technology for your family’s enjoyment

This 48″ wide Caliber built-in social grill comes with two powerful and patented Crossflame™ burners of 20,000 BTUs. These industry-exclusive, radiant technology burners are accompanied by an infrared sealing zone burner.


As a plus offered by the brand to meat lovers, the Sear Zone infrared burner also has 20,000 BTU of power, which allows you to achieve that professional browning that everyone is looking for.


But let’s go back to the two stainless steel cross-flame burners we talked about earlier. They ensure that the appliance can distribute heat across its entire surface, allowing you to easily cook different cuts, or meats at the same time.


As you can see, this grill, which has a total power of 60,000 BTU, is not only safe, but by delivering even and constant heat, it uses energy more efficiently. This also reduces the possibility of those flare-ups that take place while cooking, which is a concern especially when you have children around.


Rockwell de Caliber 


Under the charm of gas

The Rockwell 48″ natural gas grill includes, among its many charms, cooking zone dividers so you can cook at different temperatures on its 675-square-inch surface. In addition, it comes with the Sure Light ignition system, which guarantees a fast and safe ignition.


The unit has a protective metal canopy that ‘disappears’ completely, thanks to a special retractable counterbalance mechanism that allows a smooth transition for easy opening and closing. The entire exterior of this equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, offering durability and resistance to the elements.


Additionally, and thinking about the different tastes and decorative needs of customers, the brand offers, for an additional cost, customized colors in the recessed model, as well as a series of accessories that can complete the experience with the equipment.


That being said, if socializing while grilling at home is one of your greatest desires, Caliber will allow you to do so, thanks to this equipment that will give you 360 degrees of opportunities to spend time with family and friends.


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