Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine SCN60: Crunchy ice pleasure


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Smooth in texture, crisp to the taste, effortless to storage, transparent to the eye, tasteless so it doesn’t affect the beverage, drinkable for consumer safety, durable and consistent to lengthen the drink to the maximum, with capacity to absorb the flavor of drinks, perfect fun size… have you ever thought of all the conditions that ice must meet to be fit for a good Daiquiri? Well, it is an art to accomplish it, and the Nugget Ice Machine SCN60 puts it in your hands without any effort.

The Scotsman Ice brand introduced the first crushed ice machines in 1981, and the feast of frozen, or non-alcoholic, cocktails started in restaurants, bars, and fast food outlets. A lot of water -not frozen- has run under the bridge ever since. Bartenders offer increasingly sophisticated alcoholic beverages, iced tea is in fashion, while fruit cocktails and diet drinks flood the market. Crushed ice is no longer just an accessory but the star of the appetizers we all want to drink at home.

A pleasure with recent history

The Brilliance Nuggets Ice Machine SCN60 is an icemaker designed for home use. It is suitable to be embedded both in a luxurious kitchen, as well as an outdoor area. Its compact and sophisticated design, with chromed handles, easily blends with any decorating style, but can also be customized to the needs of the consumer. It produces up to 80 lbs. of ice in 24 hours, and has a digital control panel that is easy-to-use and clean.

The Scotsman brand thought of everything when it designed the Brilliance Ice Machine SCN60. In addition to being manufactured with the highest quality materials -stainless steel- to make it resistant to high traffic, it has a completely friendly panel to improve the user experience, can connect to any of the water filters available in the market, and makes an efficient use of both energy and water.


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Smart above all

One important detail that Scotsman noticed is that most ice machines are noisy. So, the brand in an effort to provide the best possible service and introduce a differentiating element, made the Brilliance Ice Machine SCN60 one of the quietest ice makers on the market. Thus, that guilty pleasure that everyone feels chewing ice, will not mean sacrificing peace at home with annoying sounds.

A point of honor for Scotsman is intelligence applied to usability. The Brilliance Ice Machine SCN60 control panel will turn on an LED light to inform the user that either the appliance is open, needs water, or needs cleaning. Additionally, the brand -committed to smart energy consumption- installed a system of interior lighting along with a robust hinged system.

If that wasn’t enough, the Brilliance Ice Machine SCN60 produces 3 times more ice than earlier devices, so it is an evolution of the brand in every sense, and it comes with a built-in drain pump. So, this summer, a refreshing drink can be at your fingertips while your kitchen moves forward to a new level of luxury, sophistication, and technology.


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