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Bosch takes centerstage in your small kitchen with its compact appliances with first-class technology. For the brand, innovation has no size. For that reason, the German company’s catalog includes a range of options with excellent performance and design that can perfectly adapt to the demanding dimensions of the new home you are creating.


The brand believes that small kitchens deserve to have options with the ideal sizes so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Therefore, Bosch invites you to prioritize comfort and quality over quantity, without sacrificing the design and beauty you want to show off in your kitchen, regardless of how reduced the space is.


At this point, you are probably wondering: Which appliances should I buy? To help you equip this space of the home correctly we, at La Cuisine International, have made a selection of the main 4 appliances in a compact version that best suit your needs.




Here’s our wish list of appliances in small formats


  1. Your food preserved in perfect condition longer

Every kitchen must have a good refrigerator and the solution for reduced space are the 800 Series combined refrigerators. These 24” wide appliances have large storage capacity in both the freezer and the refrigerator areas.


They are also equipped with state-of-the-art technologies designed to minimize food waste and keep food fresh longer.


  1. Spacious but compact. Ideal for your dinnerware

Nothing should be a limitation for you to have a Bosch dishwasher in your kitchen. The brand offers you two 24” wide compact options that are ideal for a couple or a small family.


The SMH6ZDX00E and SMV4HCX48E models of the 6 Series are two dishwashers that will allow you to enjoy the convenience and efficient cleaning of a high-capacity, high-tech appliance.


Both are fully integrated and silent units that come with a light signal system to indicate that they are in operation. These models also provide 24/7 protection against leaks, thus preventing water damage.


bosch compacta cocina



  1. Self-cleaning and perfect for recessed installation

If you want an oven that makes your life easier, the Series 6 model HBA5360S0 is what you are looking for. And don’t be fooled by its size (24”x 24”) because Bosch’s technology has made this equipment a small box full of surprises.


Built-in, multifunction, with LCD Display and hidden controls, this appliance that comes with up to 10 pre-programmed recipes is a small oven to prepare great recipes. And that’s not all, the oven facilitates the interior cleaning process with a steam function that’ll eliminate dirt and grime in just a few minutes.


  1. Cooking almost blindfolded

In a first home, there’s nothing better than getting your hands on glass ceramic cooktop technology. The powerful Series 4 PKF611BB8E cooktop is a 24” gem.


With controls to easily adjust the cooking zone to the desired heat, this appliance comes with memory and automatic ignition functions that will turn cooking into a walk in the park. And as if that wasn’t enough, this cooktop has a safety system that locks the control panel to prevent accidental setting changes.

Bosch adapts to your needs, allowing your small kitchen to be perfectly equipped with its best technology because, for this German brand, quality and innovation also come in a small format.

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