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The market is full of cooktop options, but if you really want to change yours for one that is beautiful and high quality, Bosch has plenty to offer. The German brand, that is known for introducing first-class technological advances to the home, has not spared any efforts to change the design and add features and safety to the stove.

The cooktops from Bosch combine the tradition of gas cooktops -where food is cooked faster and provides a housewarming sensation- with innovation. The brand has included powerful burners that vary based on their size and, an electronic reignition safety system that will turn the burner on again automatically in case the flame goes out.

As if that wasn’t enough, the German brand has size options that will help you achieve what you are looking for. Here are some alternatives among which you will certainly find the perfect fit for your kitchen.


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Small space, lots of power. From the 500 series of the brand, the NGM5456UC model (24”) is the perfect choice for a small kitchen with precise requirements in terms of the cooking quality of the food. Made of stainless-steel, this 4-burner gas cooktop, will offer you the necessary power (with a burner of 11,500 BTUs) to cook quickly and perfectly those delicious family dishes. It comes with electronic reignition that ensures a continuous flame, even if the burner is accidentally turned off. Besides, its seamless one-piece design facilitates cleaning, and the continuous grates make moving pans and pots an easy task. This cooktop includes an LP conversion kit to transform natural gas into liquid propane.


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5 winning burners. The NGM8055UC and NGM8065UC models from the 800 series from Bosch are cooktops with a design and quality that have earned international awards. There is only one difference between these cooktops: The color. The NGM8055UC comes in steel color while the NGM8065UC comes in black. They share characteristics such as having 5 burners, where the central one offers a power of 18,000 BTUs, which speeds up cooking time. They come with metal resistant knobs; a red LED light that indicates when the burners are on; centralized controls to facilitate its use and intuitive operation for the cooking surface. Its classic appearance and performance are at the level of a professional kitchen, since these 30” cooktops have the same versatility as the 36” ones.


La Cuisine International


Cooking big. For homes with big needs, Bosch offers 2 interesting options: The NGMP655UC model from the Benchmark® series and the NGM8665UC model from the 800 series, both in 36”. The Benchmark® model has a dual-stacked central burner with 20,000 BTUs of power that allows to perfectly cook food at high or low heat. Just like the previously mentioned 30” models, these cooktops have centralized controls, the warning LED function to indicate the burners are on, and automatic electronic reignition in case the flame goes off.

The NGM8665UC model from the 800 series comes in black and even though it shares all the qualities and advantages of the Benchmark® cooktop, the difference lays in the fact that the central burner only offers 18,000 BTUs of power.

In sum, if you couldn’t find the ideal cooktop for your kitchen, we believe that you will be fully satisfied with any of these models that Bosch has created to satisfy the most demanding needs and preferences.


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