Doing laundry with your Smartphone? It’s possible with Bosch


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Is it possible to wash and dry your clothes using a Smartphone? Bosch, a brand that knows very well that technology should make modern life easier, has the answer. Proof of this is Home Connect and the infinite possibilities offered to modern homes.

Home Connect by Bosch is a cutting-edge system that offers the possibility to reach the future in just one click away. Thanks to this system, there is no need to dream about using our smartphone to program the coffee machine to wake you up in the morning or to choose the washing cycle of our dishwasher. No. All that, and more, is already a reality.

So, who can be surprised by a smartphone that communicates with the washer and dryer and allows us to choose the right cycle so that the clothes look perfect? Certainly, nobody would be surprised. And it happens that thanks to the interaction that Home Connect provides, the washing machine and dryer adapt to your pace of life, and not the other way around. But, if you still cannot believe it, we explain to you how all this technological magic takes place.


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Connecting technologies

When you synchronize your washer or dryer with Home Connect, you only have to specify when you need to have your clothes dry or clean, and everything will get started. The system will even send you a message when the cycle is finished.

If you connect this app with the front-loading washer WAT28669ES from the 6 Series, you can -among many other functions- control the automatic dosing system of detergent and softener from your phone. This washing machine works with i-DOS technology, which allows you to wash your clothes with the appropriate amount of product depending on the load and how dirty the clothes are.

Besides, you can also turn on this washing machine at any time without disturbing the neighbors since it is equipped with an EcoSilence Motor™ – that reduces noise and vibration – and they won’t even notice.


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Set it to dry and go to sleep

Something that will certainly make you happy to know is that the WTG865H2UC dryer, one of the most modern in the market, can also be operated remotely thanks to Home Connect.

Just imagine. You can dry that dress shirt you need in just 15 minutes. But also, thanks to the Easy Start assistant of this application, you can select from your smartphone the program to block wrinkles so that ironing doesn’t give you a headache. Could there be anything better? Yes, there could.

The other good news is that you won’t have to worry about energy consumption or noise. This dryer, one of the few with the ENERGY STAR® qualification in the market, will allow you to dry up to 18 towels in one single load (choosing between its 14 cycles) and have them ready before you wake up, because it is also one of the quietest ones.

In sum, Home Connect has become the fairy godmother we all dream about. Only that in the 21st century, the wand is a Smartphone and the magic words are activated with a click.


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